~Gast am 21.12.2013 14:01 #12075

Hi. I just found this wonderfull game, but do however I have a small problem setting up the maps. In the "old" Settlers II, I could start a map with the computer players being non agresive towards me (race against race), until I deceided to attack them. I really liked that kind of slower paced gameplay, compared to having to deal with military right away.

I've tried putting me on the same team as computer players, but i cannot figure out how the change team later. I've also tried the diplomacy settings, but the computer players doesn't seem to have any respect for that or I don't know how to use it right. Can I achieve similar gameplay with RttR?  Thanks.

Spike am 21.12.2013 15:05 #12077

Im Ruhestand
No, sadly you can't - there is just an ugly way (really really ugly). RttR was at the beginning not intended to add all
singleplayer features as you can play these in the original game but multiplayer.


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