Spike am 28.12.2013 16:45 #12081

Im Ruhestand
Because there have already been three players disqualified and in fact, that still four games are missing in
this round which would result in four more players (which makes a total of 7/13 players) I come to the
conclusion that this tournament with our community is not worth my time anymore.

Therefore I will just discontinue this tournament. Means, there is no final winner, there won't be any more
maps or rounds and this was the last time I tried something like this.

I'm really sorry for everybody who wanted to play and were up in time but you may also agree that a
tournament of 6 players... isn't really a tournament.


Quorzom am 29.12.2013 00:08 #12082

This is probably the best decision. I mean it makes no sense playing when most people sign up for it and don't even bother
about playing or responding to PMs. It is definitely the participants fault that things happened the way the did, not
yours. We just need a lot more active players until we can think about something like 3rd tournament IMHO.

I really can't understand why you would sign up for a tournament, if you have no interest in taking part in it when it
takes place.

On the other hand there is always the option of a regular 1v1, if you want to prove yourself in a competetive manner.

Cruesider35 am 24.04.2020 00:44 #15437

Ich als alter Hase würde mich über einen Tunier freuen. Das Tunier kann einmalig stattfinden oder immer auf den 1. in neuem Monat stattfinden. Vielleicht kann das evtl eingerichtet werden. Es würden sicherlich schnell leute im spiel einfinden.  Mit freundlichen Grüßen Cruesider35

Feel free to post in English!

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