Spike am 15.02.2014 04:31 #12350

Im Ruhestand
Well, some of you already know, that I've released a 1024x660 World-Map. Sadly my game crashed, or savegame is corrupted so
I just thought about having a smaller version of my map - here it is, 50% smaller than the original file, just resized my
bmp file and converted it again.
Now I need some help:
If you find ANY objects that seem missplaced, report them (coordinates are enough)(press "F3" for ingame coordinates)
If you find ANY passage you can't pass but you think you should, report them (coordinates are enough)
Note: No "real" heights set
Note: I only spawned players in europe and asia as australia/america would be 1 continent/player which seemed unfair.

if you have any suggestions - feel free to write them down.


Harbor Spots


Juiced18 am 17.02.2014 22:50 #12355

Very nice spike, thanks for your work! We want to play the large map over LAN and it doesn't
work. After a few minutes of loading we quit the game. I think our PCs are not good enough. We
will try it again with the smaller version and I will report how it works.

Spike am 17.02.2014 23:19 #12356

Im Ruhestand
are you using the latest nightly version?


Juiced18 am 19.02.2014 11:50 #12388

No, I'm using the latest stable version. Does the map not work with this version?

Spike am 19.02.2014 13:12 #12389

Im Ruhestand
sure the map does but loading speed (also starting) has been increased in the latest nightly versions


Juiced18 am 20.02.2014 15:37 #12396

Ah, okay. In singleplayer it works fine. The problems are only over LAN. We will check it.

BlueScope am 24.02.2014 23:08 #12436

The big map took a whole lot of time to load in LAN. When I was playing it with a buddy (two computers in total), it took me two minutes and him an additional 7 to load it. Note that it will load for a long time in both the setup screen and the actual inagem map (which will be stuck at 0 frames for quite a while for whoever is in there first :) )

Didn't get around to test this map yet, but that might happen on the weekend. Looking forward to it, and as much as I enjoyed the big gigantic map, this might be one to actually finish playing on :D

etother am 02.03.2014 14:59 #12474

A map for the whole weekend. :D

Palatinus am 04.06.2014 22:21 #12710

Really a nice map! I like it and started to play on single player mode.

At 257;105 you can build a Harbor (Hafen) but your ships can't go anywhere. The ship's are to big to fit between europe
and africa. I suggest you remove the Harbor building ground.

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Spike am 04.06.2014 23:20 #12714

Im Ruhestand
Yeah you are right, couldn't find any time to finish this map :-/


Palatinus am 05.06.2014 11:00 #12717

So will you find time in the future to work on the map?  The map is great and I think it should not be abandoned. If you
don't find the time I would continue your work, if that is ok.

Spike am 05.06.2014 13:38 #12719

Im Ruhestand
You can do what ever you want with that map as long as you still include my name in the Author list I don't care what
happens ;)


Palatinus am 09.07.2014 21:28 #12820

I did not find an Author List in the Map Editor so I just changed the name from "Spikeone and Tool" to "Spikeone and Co".
So I am the Co-Pilot. :-)

I really like  to play with the map AI. I did not try it on LAN. I mad some minor modifications, like:
- Removed unnessesary harbor
- Some places is Africa where not accessable. And South-Africa is in the real world a place where you can build farms.
Lots of good whine comes from there. So I've modded there as whell
- For balnace I've added some more green spots in europe

that's it. Again Thanks Spike for that great world.

Here it is:
Smal World V3

Spike am 09.07.2014 21:40 #12821

Im Ruhestand
I'll just review it and maybe it will be added as final version ;)


Well looks like it's still nearly impossible to pass from north to south america without ships. Also
mountains still have no proper heights :-/


Editiert von Spike am 11.07.2014 03:55

Palatinus am 11.07.2014 08:16 #12825

Yes, you are right about that!

Vesanus am 31.03.2015 05:50 #13406

So me, Ofe and Janexo, were playing some RTTR against bots yesterday on your 512x330 worldmap. We had to modify the map a bit to
actually play on it (shuffle starting positions, randomize resources using spiketool and balance some of the places, like Australia.)

We had great fun and all that, but I have one question:

Is there any way to make the map bigger than it is, but smaller than the 1024x660 version? Like 3/4 of the bigger worldmap? Is there a
tool/method that will allow to resize the map?

We tried playing the bigger worldmap w/ bots, but it was just: lag/crashes/endless saves all the time, while we played the smaller one
and saving the game only took like 10-15 seconds instead of 10 minutes.

Edit: Also here is a screenshot of us 3 dominating the world and I gotta say, bots are much better than before.

Editiert von Vesanus am 31.03.2015 05:54

Spike am 31.03.2015 17:42 #13408

Im Ruhestand
There is a way, not the best positive but still. This 512x330 map was made by first resizing my 1024x660 .bmp file to
512x330 and then converting it to a map file. So I may recommend using that image (posted it somewhere), resizing it to
680x438 (or something around) and converting it again - then you may use my random tools to get a well, but not perfect,
spawned map. You may also publish it here then.


Tombus am 31.03.2015 17:50 #13409

Ładnie to wygląda, ale ile mieliście async ? :) Ja ostatnio 3 na na godzinę :/

Vesanus am 01.04.2015 00:09 #13411

@Spike: Sure I'll try to find it and do it in the free time. Too bad SWD->BMP tool is not working :/

@Tomnbus: Asynców mielismy z 2-3 razy + losowe crashe ale gralismy dalej potem i bylo git. :P

EDIT: BMP->SWD Doesn't seem to work either. I get a mess after converting it and loading it in the editor.

Please help, or at least get me the 756x495 world file :P

Editiert von Vesanus am 01.04.2015 03:15

Spike am 01.04.2015 11:27 #13413

Im Ruhestand
You can't use odd sizes... Oh well but I remember some time ago I got rid of base maps. Guess I have to try it myself later...

EDIT: Just tried it - you were doing it wrong somehow.

Includes: Worldfile, BMPfile, SpikesMapTools27


Editiert von Spike am 01.04.2015 12:26

DMM am 01.04.2015 14:46 #13414

How to fix async?
Many times I had problems with async.

Martin (DMM)
It is never too late to start play RttR!

Spike am 01.04.2015 15:29 #13415

Im Ruhestand
Wrong section DMM - as the title says "512x330 Worldmap"


Vesanus am 01.04.2015 23:09 #13419

Thanks Spike! This is what I need ;)

Vesanus am 02.04.2015 02:06 #13421

Well while the BMP->SWD map tool is working now properly, I can't seem to use the Random-Heights-Tool option (07).

Objectplacement.exe just freezes after i enter the random 8 digit number.

Is it because its still WIP?

I tried it with a small map, still freeze.

Editiert von Vesanus am 02.04.2015 02:06

Spike am 02.04.2015 03:03 #13422

Im Ruhestand
Nah, looks like I bugged something :x I'll investigate it tomorrow. Until I've fixed it you may try an
older version like:


Vesanus am 02.04.2015 03:49 #13423

I tried version 26 and it is just amazing.

Everything is working! :D

Spike am 02.04.2015 12:17 #13424

Im Ruhestand
Mhh, have to Check my commits :D But I guess I wanted to make some checks more reliable and secure

EDIT: Should work like it did before now. I started adding height generation for mountains but... never finished it and have no idea
what I tried to do :D


Editiert von Spike am 02.04.2015 13:28

Feel free to post in English!

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