Spike am 15.02.2014 20:35 #12351

Im Ruhestand
PoC just added two new addons!
Sea attack settings:
This addon gives you three new options changing the way seafaring works. You can either use the original way,
which means you can't attack using ships or one of two RttR versions for sea attacks. The option "enemy
harbors" block means, that you have to destroy an enemy harbor first and then you can attack other military
buildings, if they don't block you don't have to destroy an enemy harbor first to attack other military

Inexhaustible Fish:
Well... fish is inexhaustible, thats all.


Quorzom am 16.02.2014 00:09 #12352

And here we go again, more great news! I really love the idea of inexhaustible fish.

Not sure how the sea attack settings will affect the game, since I rarely play on sea maps, but I'll definitely give it a try.

Anyway, keep on the good work!

Vesanus am 16.02.2014 17:20 #12354

Nice, more updates. I like how SEAmode was given some dev love.