Quorzom am 27.02.2014 22:33 #12439

Hey folks!

Since the Babylonians are in the game now, I'd recommend that everybody keeps looking out for missing stuff
flaws in

Although I think the guys responsible for the new people mostly know what's still missing, it won't hurt if
there is a to-
do list for those things.

I just started my first game with Babylonians and noticed a few things that need to be done:

  • create graphics for shield (storehouse/inventory icon & everything else)

  • [DONE]Shieldgraphics
    - Carriergraphics

  • adjust position of "working fire" in mines

  • create graphics for babylonian explorer

  • slightly adjust position of working blacksmith in armory (just a little bit of)

  • create graphics for all soldier ranks

  • - Hitgraphics
    - Avoidgraphics
    - Walkinggraphics
  • [DONE]custom ship names (atm japanese ship names are used)

  • [DONE]Check Nation Specific catapult graphics

  • [DONE]Check Building-menu icon positions

  • Known graphic issues:

  • - Mint increase window size
    - Hunter increase size
    [DONE]Well reassemble building-well positions
  • Offsetproblems:

  • [DONE]forester: x? y?
    [DONE]quarry: x? y?
    - hunter: wont fix until graphic fix
    [DONE]well: wont fix until graphic fix
  • Smith produces no shields

  • [DONE]make a waregraphic
    [DONE]make an inventorygraphic
    [WIP]fix the "no shield" bug

Please feel free to add anything you notice to that list.

EDIT: If necessary, I can provide screenshots to prove those things.

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Marcus am 28.02.2014 07:30 #12440


thanks Quorzom.

For graphics overlay offsets that are still wrong, it would be nice to have the number of pixels to move them. The best way here is to take a screenshot of the object with and without the overlay and then to move the overlay around until it fits seamlessly. You would then include the number of pixels you moved the overlay like that: building +3, -2 (for 3 pixels right, 2 pixels up).


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Spike am 28.02.2014 17:05 #12442

Im Ruhestand
Babylonian Gods
1 - Anu
2 - Enlil
3 - Ea
4 - Sin
5 - Šamaš (Samas)
6 - Ištar (Istar)
7 - Marduk
8 - Nabu
9 - Ninurta
10 - Nusku
11 - Nergal
12 - Adad
13 - Tammuz
14 - Asalluchi
15 - Tutu
Kings (Assyrian)
16 - Nabu-mukin-zeri
17 - Tiglath-Pileser
18 - Shalmaneser
19 - Marduk-apla-iddina
20 - Sharrukin
21 - Sin-ahhe-eriba
22 - Bel-ibni
23 - Ashur-nadin-shumi
24 - Kandalanu
25 - Sin-shumu-lishir
26 - Sinsharishkun
Kings (IX)
27 - Ninurta-apla
Kings (III)
28 - Agum
29 - Burnaburiash
30 - Kashtiliash
31 - Ulamburiash
32 - Karaindash
33 - Kurigalzu
34 - Shuzigash
35 - Gandaš (Gandas)
36 - Abi-Rattaš (Abi-Rattas)
37 - Ḫurbazum (Hurbazum)
Kings (II)
38 - Gulkishar
39 - Peshgaldaramesh
40 - Ayadaragalama
41 - Akurduana
42 - Melamkurkurra
Kings (I)
43 - Hammurabi
44 - Samsu-Ditana
Persian Towns (Assyrian)
45 - Bishapur
46 - Ekbatana
47 - Gundischapur
48 - Ktesiphon
49 - Bactra
50 - Pasargadae
51 - Persepolis
52 - Susa
53 - Rayy

I'd like to say, that I would be really happy if Parasit and Spikeone may get indirect credit for the Babylonians by
54 - Parasit (or Pa-Rasit)
55 - Spikeone (or Spi-Keone)
54 - Täbris
55 - Isfahan

Edit: Also there is this thing:


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Spike am 01.03.2014 03:28 #12454

Im Ruhestand
Request: Could somebody please test the positions of all buildingwindow icons? that'd be great


RM1985 am 01.03.2014 17:23 #12465

The Babylonians are finally in the game, great work, guys!!
I just started my first game with the babylonians, looks all great.
But I asked this question before and ask again: Is the house of the hunter ever gonna be changed in size? Or am I the only one, who thinks, that it still Looks TOO tiny?
Otherwise it all looks very nice, but I will take a closer look and then maybe report something else, IF I find somthing, that doesn't look right.

S2-Freak auf dem Weg zum Titelträger

PoC am 01.03.2014 17:27 #12466

work anim does not fit into window

road connects to wall

road does not connect to center of door

Spike am 02.03.2014 04:28 #12473

Im Ruhestand
Okay, just a short update:
-I fixed all babylonian graphics which didn't use pal5.bbm
-built .lst files
-resized building graphics (should prevent the strange delay until you "see something" while buildings are not

What I'm gonna do next is fixing all offsetbugs
-road to wall
-door not perfectly aligned
-far away from road


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BlueScope am 02.03.2014 21:12 #12476

I'm not submitting this to the bugtracker because I don't know if it's a bug or what, but when I played as the Babylonian tribe, my HQ's shield slot was taken by a beer icon (which on mouse hover said 'Shield', though), and the forge either produced swords only, or the shields they produced either never were added to my stock, or just weren't displayed. In any case, I don't think I had an increase in soldiers.

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~Gast am 03.03.2014 09:08 #12477

Hey There,

im still playing your s2 RttR and its really great! The new Babylon update is an other big way for the game! Im testing it today and in the middle of the game the game close without bug or something. And cant say you what was the problem, but maybe it help you. It go down without any problem :-/ Before the update the game works fine.



Spike am 03.03.2014 13:58 #12479

Im Ruhestand
Does the replay also crash - you may add a bug report including the replay of your game or you may open a new


Spike am 04.03.2014 13:47 #12486

Im Ruhestand
Well fixed
Offset for small buildings fixed
Offset for small building icons fixed


Spike am 05.03.2014 23:52 #12493

Im Ruhestand
Offset for medium buildings fixed
Offset for large buildings fixed
Medium Icons
Large Icons
Race specific catapult graphics
Charburner Graphics


Spike am 29.04.2014 01:36 #12646

Im Ruhestand
Medium Icons
Large Icons
Race specific catapult graphics
Charburner Graphics


Spike am 29.04.2014 18:27 #12647

Im Ruhestand
Icons should be fixed (except charbuner because the icon is not part of bab_icon.lst)

Race specific catapult graphics
Charburner Graphics


Spike am 03.05.2014 03:09 #12659

Im Ruhestand
Fixed Small Building Offsets (again)

Medium Buildings
Large Buildings


Spike am 03.05.2014 16:59 #12662

Im Ruhestand
Fixed Medium Building Offsets (again)

Large Buildings


Spike am 03.05.2014 17:26 #12663

Im Ruhestand
Fixed Large Building Offsets (again)
Fixed Mines (again)
Fixed Charburner
Fixed Charburner Doors
Fixed Race Catapult
Fixed Winter Offsets

Check door consts
Change Building Consts (Stop shields, smoke)


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Spike am 02.07.2014 17:52 #12802

Im Ruhestand
Added Babylonian Smith graphics (When he carries his shield out)

Check door consts
Carrier graphics


PoC am 24.11.2014 10:07 #13091

iron smelter's smoke moved to the correct location (old -> new pic)

mine's work animation moved to correct location
previously the location was taken from whatever was written after the end of the offset array

ironsmelter,minter,butcher work animation fixed

I noticed that the charburner doesn't have an icon in the building statistic & construction window - missing or just not used?

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PoC am 28.01.2015 09:38 #13330


babylonian charburner's icons in:
- construction window
- building list
- productivity list

babylonian charburner's building background image in:
- building control window

images were not in the default lsts and no bonus lst for the race for the addon so the default loading failed -> now we load the images from charburner.lst for all races
we probably no longer need the additional [nation_shortname]_icon.lst files just for the charburner icons but I'm not sure on this

Spike am 28.01.2015 12:08 #13331

Im Ruhestand
images were not in the default lsts and no bonus lst for the race for the addon so the default loading failed -> now we load the
images from charburner.lst for all races
we probably no longer need the additional [nation_shortname]_icon.lst files just for the charburner icons but I'm not sure on this

I'm not 100% sure but isn't the "fixed" viking metalworker icon in vik_icon.lst? Maybe I'm wrong.


PoC am 28.01.2015 13:09 #13332

I checked it. You are correct: vik_icon.lst has the metalworker and the charburner icon so we cannot just remove the file(s).

Feel free to post in English!

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