~hippox89 am 28.02.2014 21:51 #12446


I like to see an add-on that makes the workers of the African faction black (brown) to match the feel/art of their buildings and some of their other black speciality units. Maybe the Asian faction should also get an Asian skin tone. I wonder why the workers for the African faction wasn't made black by BlueByte? It feels a bit wrong having white workers and then your warriors/scouts are black. It's strange.

The point is, different skin tones would make the factions feel more unique.

Thanks for reading...

~hippox89 am 28.02.2014 21:54 #12447

Oops. I completely missed the thread just beneath my post. Sorry. Please delete! Abort. :D

Spike am 28.02.2014 22:18 #12450

Im Ruhestand
I wonder why the workers for the African faction wasn't made black by BlueByte?

At least I can still answer a question here (since I cant delete posts) - they had already "black" pictures for carriers
while they were working - but nothing else :-/


~hippox89 am 01.03.2014 13:05 #12457

So BB might have wanted all the characters to be black for the African faction, but they might just never have finished making all of the characters, and so they couldn't have implement them.

Okay, so, then this could actually be a restoration project and not only a custom user add-on. I saw the add-on by Teflonkabel, of course. He's also talking Asian skin tones, etc. However, it'd be nice if there was an managed effort to restore the original work/intention by BB. What I mean by 'managed effort' is that the project would be aiming to restore the original intention of BB as closely as possible. Like, the African warriors only wear shorts, so that's a clue, right? This restoration project would probably not include the Asians, or others, as there's no evidence that BB wanted that. Is this assumption true?

Btw, do you have a picture of the black carrier made by BB? :)

Quorzom am 01.03.2014 13:45 #12460

Hi hippox89,

someone already did some work on this. Here is the link to the thread

Unfortunately, this user has been absent for quite a while now and I don't know if anyone else is in possession of the files he created.

EDIT: I just checked the link, it looks like the files are still available -

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Spike am 01.03.2014 14:50 #12463

Im Ruhestand

just to correct you - no BB intended to use the same graphics they did for roamans, just changing skin colors.


~hippox89 am 01.03.2014 15:34 #12464

Yes, I read that thread with Goggle translate, which is a bit muddy to understand 100% clearly. I also tired the add-on, and it's cool but left unfinished for now, at least.

But changing all the races to be more unique in such ways as the skin tones, hair style, clothing and transport animals would be an enormous work task with so many images to edit and, no least, even creating new pixel graphics (transport animals, catapults, etc.). Also, there's the risk of changing too much, so that it'd feel too far from the original game. Like, slave market for the Romans seems going a bit too far to me, if only an idea. The OP also seemed to be talking about making the Asians yellowish, but BB already made a colour for them (see the Asian warriors). They're light brown. I don't like changing the original work if it's not needed. But, yes, I know there's no restrictions when creating your own mod. I could make the Africans green if I wanted. I only share my opinion. ;)

The question is, if you change the Africans, would you also have to change all the others races for it to make sense? And if so, is it even feasible? BB obviously took the shortcut. At least, as it is, there's the consistency that it's only certain types of characters that has their style matching the buildings of their race.


Thanks, I see. It's too bad they never finished the work, but at least we know what their intention was.

Feel free to post in English!

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