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Announcement video:
Some of you may know what I'm talking about, some may don't. Since September 2009 I'm working, with
discontinuities on a new nation - The Babylonians. But for those of you who are interested in a bit
devlopement/design history of this nation I will provide some information.

In 2009 I started messing aroundwith some graphics since I was able to extract them (we got the first
s25viewer version). Since I really liked Stronghold Crusader I thought about making a nation called "Arabs"
and this was the first result of my work:

The only reaction I can remember was Nastx making fun of this graphic.

So, we started a bit working together since everybody liked the idea of adding a new nation (they also
could be replacement graphics for a standalone RttR) and we started working on a nation called "Assyrians". We started
drawing some concept "drawings" ( ) while we were thinking of one style for all
buildings. After a while I started with some new basic watchtower graphics:

So we started calling them "Mesopotamians" because we liked the design of the second tower but it looked a bit like
those pyramids in mesopotamia. While I had not time to work on new graphics Nastx started drawing a fortress
version, inspired by the "Ishtar Gate". I really liked this version but most people don't and we had to change this
fortress in later versions.

But now we had a new problem: we couldn't call them anymore "Mesopotamians" and "Assyrians" sounds also quite bad. So we
called them "Babylonians" - since they also fit into this area and building style. This also allowed us to use some persian
influenced building styles, for example the mill is inspired by persian architecture. I (Spike(one)) started drawing
all small building graphics and tested most of them. You may not believe me but the first versions of those graphics were
done by simply using paint and some time. After a while I had not time to continue my graphics anymore so I had to pause my
work again. At this time Parasit started pixelating all medium and large building graphics (with some exceptions)
and those buildings are still in use.

If you ask yourself: Why is he writing so much - the answer is simple, the babylonians have been added to the game and
since I really put a lot of work in those graphics I'm really happy that they are finally (particular) finished and ready
for testing!

Please also note: If some offset graphics are wrong, report them here:
Also note: Some features may not work correctly, they will be fixed when missing graphics are finished!

I also want to thank some more people (hopefully I forget none)
Nastx (Ideas,Fortress)
Parasit (Medium/Large Buildings)
Merri (Charburner 2.0,Storehouse)
Flosoft (lstpacker)
Flamefire (First "standalone-nation-code")
Maqs (Added the babylonians to RttR)
Testers (All people who tested graphics before they have been added)
Hopefully I remembered all contributors!


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