~Ianuarius am 05.04.2014 19:09 #12565

And being horrified! :D
You've made it pretty tough, I gotta give you that.

Any suggestions if I stream some more of this in the future? :)

Quorzom am 06.04.2014 05:14 #12566

Too bad I missed it. I would definitely watch if you would do some more streaming. Perhaps you could also do some
multiplayer which might be more interesting to watch.

~Ianuarius am 06.04.2014 08:09 #12567

Thanks for the reply! :)

Yeah, I tried the game once with my friend but the problem is that multiplayer just takes twice the time, so...

Also, I really don't have anyone to play the game with. And in a stream setting I'd prefer chatting over skype and not many people are willing to do that. Especially people who don't natively speak English. :o

Spike am 06.04.2014 14:47 #12568

Im Ruhestand
Hey, really nice to see someone playing RttR and being able to stream at the same time.

I don't think that normal games take twice the time of your game since most players are really experienced.
Lately we
played the same map (a 3v3) and it only took ~2h to finish the game since multiplayer games (99%) are played
with GF: 30ms
not 70ms. But would be really happy to have someone in our "bigger" games who streams either as spectator or

Also I just uploaded you a replay so you may could compare your style of playing with normal human players (I
was at your
spot) so thats maybe a bit interesting for you.

Also I read you prefer chatting via skype (rather than IRC/Ingame?) so you also could add me there if you...
well, want :p
Skype: Spikinator4

Maybe this makes it easier to communicate

Edit: Oh, and I didn't watch the whole video but you are able to trade if you enable the addon, just to
correct that
one a bit


Editiert von Spike am 06.04.2014 20:55

~Ianuarius am 06.04.2014 20:41 #12570

Hey! Thanks for the reply! :)

Yeah, I don't know too much about RttR or the special features. Just wanted to play multiplayer that one time so I gave it a try and lo and behold it was actually good! :D

You know, spectating like a quick 3v3 game might be really fun! I haven't done too much commentating, but that sounds like I would enjoy it quite a bit. What do you think?

Spike am 06.04.2014 21:23 #12571

Im Ruhestand
Sounds good for me since I'm neither able to stream while playing (a bit slow connection and slow PC for
compressing) nor a native english speaking person ;)

But it'll be hard to find the perfect time for such a game because we play most likely spontaneous


~Ianuarius am 07.04.2014 06:06 #12572

Just put up a tread for signing up to play. It can be more than 3v3. Or less! :D German times are good for me since I live in Finland. Not too far away. Also, with that sorta thread you can get people to watch the stream, too! :)

Quorzom am 09.04.2014 01:05 #12575

I’d be up to take part in your next streaming session. I would suggest that we gather a few skilled players, so the match
will be balanced and more fun for everyone (especially more fun to watch IMHO).

So would you like to participate as a player or just do some commenting as a spectator (might be the best idea to play as
spectator, so you see what’s going on and can do some commentary on that).

On the other hand, I don’t know if it will be worth creating a thread about this on the forums, since most of the active
and skilled players aren’t really active on the forums, with a few exceptions of course. Additionally, I will contact some
of the guys in the Steam group/IRC etc. and ask them about convenient times.

~Ianuarius am 09.04.2014 08:35 #12577

Yeah, you can create a thread and just link that to players.

I would very much prefer spectating since I don't even know all the quirks of RttR that well yet. :) Sounds like it would be fun. Something like 8 to 20 gmt works really well for me pretty much any day.

~Ianuarius am 09.04.2014 08:42 #12578

I just realized 20 gmt is pretty damn late, since it's 23 here during the dst and the game probably won't be over in an hour either.

Maybe more like 7 to 18 gmt. :)

Spike am 09.04.2014 14:16 #12581

Im Ruhestand
18gmt is for most players a bit early because it's evening meal time :p

maybe a weekend, saturday 13gmt or something like that


Quorzom am 11.04.2014 01:06 #12587

Well, screw the evening meal! :P But honestly, 6:30 pm is usually the earliest time I'll have some time to play during the
week. On the weekends, I'll be available for some games from about 2 pm - 12 pm, if I haven't planned to do something else.

Feel free to post in English!

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