Quorzom am 09.04.2014 01:19 #12576

Greetings, fellow settlers!

Perhaps you’ve read ~Ianuarius’ thread - a guy who streamed RttR (unfortunately only against the AI)  a couple of days ago.
So I thought streaming it might be much more fun (to stream, play & watch) if he would do some commenting on a FFA match
with only humans involved.

So, as the title of this thread indicates, I’m going to ask you if you’d be up for some streaming, and if so, what’s the
most convenient time for you to do so?

This thread is also written for the purpose of advertising that you are about to do a streaming session of RttR. So
everybody who is interested in doing some streaming, please feel free to post in this thread.

Dzoffmann am 09.04.2014 10:04 #12579

Count me in :)
If we get date and time I can pretty much be there spot on.
Evening fits best tho and weekends :)

Spike am 09.04.2014 14:20 #12583

Im Ruhestand
Well, I would say a FFA is not as much fun as a real 2v2/3v3 because the player who starts fighting last wins the game.

also I got time nearly all day except sunday 19-23, tuesday 20-23, sometimes thursday 20-23


Quorzom am 11.04.2014 00:58 #12585

I agree, 2v2 or 3v3 is much more fun than FFA. I have some free time for playing just about every evening in the week (6 pm
- 11 pm) or at the weekends.

~Ianuarius am 29.04.2014 21:01 #12648

I would like to do the stream one of these days! :) If it's just three players it could be just FFA. No problem! But streaming the game would be really cool! :)

Spike am 29.04.2014 22:40 #12649

Im Ruhestand
Yeah, well, I'm up for games - just tell me when :D (and we wont
take the latest nightly I guess since it's unstable)


Quorzom am 30.04.2014 21:48 #12654

I'll have plenty of time the next few days so I'll most likely be up for it at most times. Just be sure to tell us a more specific time soon enough to make sure we can get enough players ;-)

Edit: Oh and another great news in case you didn't already read it: It looks the async issue which has been a pain for multiplayer games for quite some time seems to be finally fixed, so it is a really great time to do a stream.

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~Ianuarius am 03.05.2014 19:35 #12664

More specific time, eh? :)

Well how about next Saturday? Let's say 6 p.m. my time, so it would be an hour earlier in Germany. Where do you guys live, anyways? :D

So here are the times for that:

* Someone else would probably have to host the game and then I would just join in as a spectator so the hosting won't eat away my upload bandwidth.
* Let's select the map beforehand... maybe something really small? :D
* Does anyone have RttR related graphics I could use when creating a splash screen etc.?

Quorzom am 03.05.2014 22:26 #12665

I'm totally fine with that time. Most players are from Germany or Poland as far as I know. I think the map really depends on how many people will be there to play the game. There are a few good maps for 2v2/3v3 or 4v4 which will all take about the same time. So the fewer people show up the smaller the map will be.

Unfortunately, I can't host either so somebody else will have to do it. But I'm sure that won't be an issue.

I can't help you with any RttR related graphics though, but I'm sure Spike will have some for you.

EDIT: I've added the event to the Steam group, perhaps more people will show up and watch your stream this way -

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Spike am 03.05.2014 23:54 #12666

Im Ruhestand
That's sad, I've got no time that day :-/


~Ianuarius am 04.05.2014 09:48 #12667

Then we're not going to play that day.

You know... this would be a lot easier if you just told me when you wanna play. :D

~Ianuarius am 06.05.2014 08:38 #12671

Ok, so this is obviously not happening. It was a nice idea, tho.

Spike am 06.05.2014 13:33 #12672

Im Ruhestand
Well - looks we are only 2 players interested so, wouldn't be a good game anyway.


Quorzom am 07.05.2014 08:34 #12674

Too bad there is so little interest about streaming, but it seems like only Spike and I are interested in this. So yeah...I have to agree watching a 1v1 won't be much fun at all, so let's forget about this until more people are getting interested in participating in a stream.

~Jeankepler am 04.12.2014 20:56 #13140

Hey, just found this site today. I play a lot of the 10th anniversary edition, and I've done some game casting of the game Supreme Commander Forged Alliance. In the channel "Keplerplaytru". So I know about the game and casting. I don't know If I can actually stream a live game, as my upload speed is not that stable at the moment. But I can get a replay and cast.

I may not be the most exciting caster to watch, but I'm the one willing to try. Even 1x1. Give me a good replay to cast, and let's put it on youtube. That's a good way of attracting more people to the game.

Quorzom am 05.12.2014 23:36 #13144

Hey Jeankepler,

yeah of course you can give it a try. We had a 5 player FFA today so I guess you can try this replay:

Jeankepler am 06.12.2014 14:25 #13149

Yay, nice, thanks for the replay, will record it today, uploading tonight. Here is GMT -3.

Jeankepler am 06.12.2014 14:33 #13150

Hmm, what version was the game played? I'm using 9016. It's the 8.1 stable version? I just have to reinstall the game withouth the latest build?

Quorzom am 06.12.2014 15:34 #13152

No we were playing with the latest nightly (rev9529). If you are already using an older nightly, running the game via rttr.bat will automatically update the game to the latest version.

Oh and let me tell you a few of the replay hotkeys:

D - remove fog of war
1-7 - switch between players
j - jump to a certain gf

Jeankepler am 06.12.2014 16:04 #13153

It says he cant find the directory, and when run as admin, that s25client.exe is not recognizable as an external/internal command.

How do I install the latest build manually? I tried unzipping into the RTTR folder but didn't work.

Quorzom am 06.12.2014 16:45 #13154

1. Download the Nightly
2. Extract the Nightly
3. Copy the folders DATA, GFX from your S2 Gold Edition into the RTTR directory
4. Run the game via rttr.bat

Also, you'll have to put the replay file into the following directory (Windows 7)

C:\Users\(your username)\Saved Games\Return to the Roots\REPLAYS

Once you see the main menu, click on Singleplayer -> Play Replay and pick the replay from there.

Jeankepler am 06.12.2014 17:26 #13157

Yes, working now, thanks.

Jeankepler am 07.12.2014 14:44 #13162

Oh man, do you happen to have another replay? I recorded it, game crashes when I'm about to say goodbye. Now I have to fix the file, it's great, just make another copy of if with bandifix. Problem is the file was 379GB big. Even tried but had a couple of problems and now I lost it. It would be a great 1080p cast. Next time I'll try to make it work the Nvidia codec that uses less size.

I may record this again, but I don't want to, I will get tyred of casting this game very soon. Give me a nice replay please.

Quorzom am 07.12.2014 15:30 #13163

Well raw recordings are always quite big, that's why you can render them with something like VirtualDub or Sony Vegas to make the size of the file smaller, without quality losses. A few years ago I did record videos (mainly Let's Plays) myself on Youtube too so I know what I'm talking about. Or try using another recording software like OBS, Fraps or Bandicam.

Besides, game crashes happen now and then, that's why you should make multiple small recordings (1 file something like 15 minutes to avoid desynchronising the sound). And of course you can always just reload the game and jump to a certain gf if a crash happens. A good recording software should be able to handle this without corrupting the video files.

I got another replay of a game we played yesterday, although I highly doubt casting/watching it will be interesting. It was a very slow game on a strange map. Anyway, here is the file:

Although I don't really see the point in giving you another replay if you already got tired of casting this game. Perhaps I'll start casting a few RttR replays myself once I get my hands on a decent microphone.

Editiert von Quorzom am 07.12.2014 15:58

Jeankepler am 07.12.2014 16:05 #13165

Yeah, I was using Bandicam, and he has a nice fix mode. But it needs to make another video just about the same size. And that's when I ran into trouble. As I don't normally record in such high res, and for that long time. Forgot the size could scale that big in so little time.

I just am tired of every thing I start recording or playing have to do the same thing again, again and again. Can't have more of this.

I have a lot of experience with recording, just not with 1920x1200 res. With double audio tracks. For a very long video. :D

Then I can't use Lagarigth Lossless codec. I'll have to make the NVIDIA Cuda to work. That will do the trick.

Jeankepler am 07.12.2014 22:22 #13167

Recorded the first game again, but 30min withouth sound, will re-record that little bit when I can. Then I did the other game. That was quite fun. I need money for a new headset, this one is dying. That's why I'm using 2 audio tracks. So I can edit the sound and remove a strange noise that from the background.

Jeankepler am 08.12.2014 12:23 #13169

Is there a place in this forum that people share their replays?

Spike am 08.12.2014 13:09 #13171

Im Ruhestand
Quorzom you got a mic Now? Your drunken lets plays have been always fun :D

No there is no such place because replay format changes now and then and then those replays become incompatible.


Jeankepler am 08.12.2014 17:06 #13176

That shouldn't be a problem, just post the best ones from today.....

Quorzom am 08.12.2014 18:38 #13177

I mostly play on the weekends, because it is much easier to find players then. Hence, I don't have any new replays for you today unfortunately.

Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to start a thread where people can share their replays with additional information on what version they've used playing the game. Although I think most of the players don't really care about sharing their replays.

Besides, why don't you just make a cast of the 2 replays I've already uploaded a few days ago? Especially the first one (map Downstairs) should be excellent for your first casting of a RttR match IMHO.

Jeankepler am 09.12.2014 00:50 #13180

I know, I casted them already, I have to edit the audio in Vegas in both of them, and record 30min of missing voice in one. I wanted to do this today, but life got ahead. Will do that tomorrow. Then reencode with Megui and upload. I just wanted to watch replays. As I'm new to online gameplay and I'm thrilled to learn more.

Editiert von Jeankepler am 09.12.2014 00:51

Jeankepler am 09.12.2014 13:53 #13181

Audio editing is going like a charm. The game audio, even at 10%, the lowest before muting, is too high, as my voice gets a low output. I have a bad headset at the moment, will buy a new one this month. But until then. I'm having to deal with mono audio input, background noise and voice remixing needed. But the new product is really nice. Takes a while to get used to all new stuff that I have to do. But soon I'll be doing this a lot faster.

Quorzom am 09.12.2014 22:21 #13185

I just wanted to watch replays. As I'm new to online gameplay and I'm thrilled to learn more.

Indeed, online gameplay is a little different from singleplayer, isn't it? :D

I learned it the hard way when I first played a match versus a human opponent. Of course, watching replays will help you with that so I think I'm going to share any interesting replays - that is, if I have any - in this thread.

An even better way IMHO to learn "how to multiplayer RttR" is playing it for yourself against real opponents. So feel free to join the lobby, perhaps we can play a few games so you'll get better at the game and understand certain tactics like the "rhombus road layout" for example.

The game audio, even at 10%, the lowest before muting, is too high, as my voice gets a low output.

Maybe it would be better to deactivate the in-game sound when recording. It isn't really interesting and can be very annoying too (I really dislike the sound made by 3 or more sawmills). I wouldn't really care if there is no in-game sound in your RttR videos to be honest. In my opinion, the voice commentary - especially in a game with low audio quality like RttR - is the most important part of a video.

Jeankepler am 10.12.2014 00:39 #13186

Thanks for the feedback.

I think some background noise is needed, the music it's not working already. But I'm setting it way lower. Still, it's fun to hear they working.

Yeah, I want to play some, I play somewhat well for an offline player, but in the heat of the battle of an online game it's another thing. I know from other games. Specially the micromanagement this game needs. When you're nervous, it can be bad.

Spike am 10.12.2014 01:17 #13187

Im Ruhestand
I think some background noise is needed, the music it's not working already. But I'm setting it way lower. Still, it's fun to
hear they working.

So, just play all settlers2 songs as background sound?

Specially the micromanagement this game needs. When you're nervous, it can be bad.

In my opinion thats the point when the game becomes interesting - but I'm quite alone with that view on the game ;)


Jeankepler am 13.12.2014 15:36 #13193

Is there a way to shut down some but not all sounds?

And if no sounds, then what background? It's the sound of the game, can't think of not putting that. Still, I made the sound very low, you'll see.

I like some of the micromanagement. The problem is that you need to be very used to the rest of the game in order to have time and remember all the micro things as well.

Anyway, someone care to post more replays? Not only for casting, just to watch....

Editiert von Jeankepler am 13.12.2014 15:37

Jeankepler am 14.12.2014 22:54 #13201

Here's the first cast. It was the second one and I wanted to fix the first and release that before releasing this one. But it seems that will take a while. So here it is. :)

Jeankepler am 16.12.2014 15:06 #13207

Uploading, and in a phew hours ready, my first game online, that I did recording and commenting.

Quorzom am 16.12.2014 16:38 #13209

Great video! I'm currently watching your video and must admit that I'm really enjoying it. I hope you will continue doing this. I hope I'll be able to supply you with more replays soon.

Spike am 16.12.2014 19:53 #13211

Jeankepler am 16.12.2014 22:42 #13216

Wow, thanks a lot!!!

Quorzom am 17.12.2014 02:27 #13218

We had another great 4 hour long game today on the map Pathfinding_01 I'd like to share with you...unfortunately, the later replays don't seem to work for me and crash my game (we had some issues like disconnects, a few asyncs etc.).

Perhaps Spike has some more working ones for you, but I guess there will be more for you to cast real soon, so stay tuned.

Spike am 17.12.2014 02:32 #13219

Im Ruhestand

For me all replays are working (just tested them) also until the end without async. The first 2 replays are from our first attempt, but
with 2 asyncs... we changed the map and it worked.

I have also included a Teamspeak recording of me and gefroy... maybe quite funny to listen but hard to synchronize as we had some
waiting periods.


Editiert von Spike am 17.12.2014 02:44

Quorzom am 17.12.2014 14:26 #13221

While browsing through my replays, I found another replay of a 3 player FFA on the map Scorpion which might be interesting to cast/watch for you.

Jeankepler am 19.12.2014 03:14 #13222

Ok guys, thanks a lot for all the footage. I wont be asking or needing new replays until 2015. Started recording the first one of the last batch. And did the audio fix for the first game. But when I uploaded somehow YT says it can't process the video. Wich is the same of hundreds others that it processed with no problem. It seems that game isn't supossed to go online. :P

Spike am 19.12.2014 09:16 #13223

Im Ruhestand
YT normally gives hints why it can't process the video - maybe you need to use an other format for audio/video or smaller filesizes.

Edit: Otherwise I have to record this game without speech, except that TS³ recording^^


Editiert von Spike am 19.12.2014 09:16

Jeankepler am 19.12.2014 17:44 #13224

Yeah, probably had some encoding integrity problems. YT didn't say anything, just directed for the "Problem with video encoding section". But I've sent bigger and longer files. It's not that. Nor the codecs. Just weird. I may try to upload again. But it takes up to 12 hours.

Spike am 19.12.2014 19:27 #13227

Im Ruhestand
Yeah, maybe something went wrong, maybe some magic, nobody knows ;)

Hopefully you'll be able to upload it.


Jeankepler am 25.01.2015 08:06 #13320

For some reason I can't start the .exe anymore. It's having incompatibility problems it says.

I use the Windows 64

Tombus am 25.01.2015 10:15 #13321

Hi. Do you plan to do a live stream? I will join you;)
Becomes much easier to organize a 2vs2 game. If the map was to be equal for all, the map must have 5 slots. This one slot for an spectacor who would have killed himself shortly after the start of the game. We'd have to have a delay time between game and streaming (such as 5 min.) For spy opponent;)

Do you plan to stream games only one player? I can play and share with live commentary (weak English or full Polish;)) Just map for 4 slots.

How to stream? YT, or flash link or VLC?

Jeankepler am 25.01.2015 22:22 #13323

Found the problem: I was trying to use a S2.exe to start. It's the Settlers25.exe or somethign like that. But I have to turn Avast off, otherwise he deletes it.

About casting: I'm in the middle of editing that epic game with TS audio. It's very good audio and I decided to mix some of it in Vegas. But it will take a loong time to do it. I may cast another replay in the traditional way if there's any good one. Post here for me guys. :)

Editiert von Jeankepler am 25.01.2015 22:24

Quorzom am 26.01.2015 00:20 #13324

I suggest you just try the older replays I uploaded on page 5 of this thread, because I don't really have any new and interesting ones.

Or just try this Dropbox folder, I may upload new ones soon eventually (that is, if I'm in the mood for playing some RttR & find players to play with):

But for the time being you have to work with what is available so far, although perhaps someone else has a few replays too.

Jeankepler am 24.04.2015 22:50 #13469

Here's a preview of the cast of that epic game. I want to finish this one day. But here's what I've got. It's worth watching.

Spike am 25.04.2015 08:12 #13470

Im Ruhestand
Cool, I'll watch that one when I'm back home. I got two other replays - both games are unfinished but they had some quite
awesome fights. We'll finish one of those a bit later I guess, If not, I'm going to upload them anyway :)


Feel free to post in English!

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