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Ich wollte mal wieder eine Karte bauen und das ist entstanden:

Die Karte ist 128x128, bietet dafür aber nicht viel Platz. Die Berge sind voll Bäume gepflanzt, dort, wo keine Bäume sind,
Sagt mir, wie sie euch gefällt. Ansonsten viel Spaß!

V 1.1: -Mehr Platz für Spieler 4 hinzugefügt, Flussüberquerung zum See in der Mitte für Spieler 4 hinzugefügt

-> Download Die Gipfelwipfel 1.1

I felt like creating another map an this is what I made:

The map is 128x128, though it offers rather little space to build. The mountains are covered with trees, where there
are no
trees, you might find some resources. PLAY THIS MAP WITH INEXHAUSTIBLE MINES OPTION ENABLED!
Tell me if you like it. Have fun!

V 1.1: -Added more space for player 4, added another river crossing to central lake for player 4

-> Download Die Gipfelwipfel 1.1

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Quorzom am 20.04.2014 04:03 #12616

Hi, thanks a lot for sharing this map! So now my first thoughts about it:

Looks great so far, but on the first look I think the 4th player might be in a bad position
(not enough space to build farms, or less space than the other players).

I'm going to play this map during the next few days and tell you more about it.

lehiXhaX am 20.04.2014 14:20 #12617

I think, youre right. The space for farms was too far away. I flattened some ground near player4's HQ. As soon as all trees
are cut down, player4 should have plenty or at least enough space for farms now.

Feel free to post in English!

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