Hackie am 21.04.2014 16:59 #12624


First of all :  Hi all , I'm new here.
I found this forum by watching a video on youtube.

O man ,when this game came out I played it at least 10 years.
So when I saw that video I had to come here , o my god this brings memories ^^.

I do have a few questions , I only have the original The settlers 2 and the mission ( red with green cd ) cd.
So will this also work ?

Never new there was a gold version too , damn mist that one , how could I ?  

Uhm totally noob question , will the 32bit version work on win7 64 ?

Ha , still can not believe this is still alive.
Brings my addiction to this game back, I think my wife will not be happy about this.  LOL

Still not quit sure how to install this but i will give it a try.


Spike am 21.04.2014 19:52 #12627

Im Ruhestand
Well, yes, you can use s2 + mission cd but you have to install both games and copy the DATA and GFX folder to your RttR

Yes the 32 bit version runs on win7 x64.

maybe this helps you a bit:

you also can join our IRC chat (left side "chat")


Hackie am 21.04.2014 19:55 #12628

Well , I have it running.

Still only single player mode but its running !

I still remember the old maps , quit funny after al those years.

Great work.

Will try later multiplayer mode.
Alraedy have a lot of fun with single mode.

Btw , wasn't there a function with the wheel mouse , to zoom map in or out ?
Maybe confused with the setlers 2 3D ( the newest version , wich I do not like )


Quorzom am 22.04.2014 10:26 #12630

You are correct, in the original S2 you could zoom in by pressing "Z" on your keyboard.
However, this has not been implemented in RttR yet, so you'll have to play fullscreen and
change your resolution, if the things are too small for your liking.

Just a hint if you are going to try out the multiplayer: The player hosting has to forward
TCP port 3665 to his/her computer, so that other people are able to join. I'm just pointing
this out because a lot of people get confused about this.

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