~Kristo am 23.04.2014 19:12 #12631

Hi! For me the game is superb, but only one improvement would be great - A Victory Screen. It´s a bit sad that after defeating all my enemies I have to quit the map myself and the feeling of a victory isn´t just so good without a nice screen saying that I´ve won :)

Quorzom am 24.04.2014 17:05 #12634

Indeed, a victory screen similiar to the one S2 had would be a nice addition to the game. Although in my opinion it is not
really as important as fixing bugs or adding new stuff like all the addons. Besides, I don't know how easy or difficult it
will be to get a victory screen into the game.

Spike am 25.04.2014 13:01 #12636

Im Ruhestand
Well,maybe one should fix "victory" first and then add such a screen. Also I have no idea how windows work in rttr,maybe I'll
have a look at it but I don't think that I'm able to add such a feature ^^


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