~Gast am 08.07.2014 03:01 #12811

Hail to the RTTR Team!
First of all thanks for bringing this game back to live. I remember when I first saw S2
back when I had 13 years old. Because I had played Settlers 1 on Amiga I was thrilled
to be able to play more advanced S2 on my 486 PC:). But one thing about S1 I always
considered better than S2 soldier rank system. In S1 they fought better as they was
promoted but still they was killed in 3 hits. I know that gold has a different role in
S1 as it strengthen your attack and it was not needed to promote soldier as in S2.

So my suggestion but more, a humble request - is to add option where soldiers as they
are promoted could gain skills but not the health. It would be much appreciated.(so
they all die after 3 hit). I think it would also add feel of Settlers 1 that I had
always missing in Settlers II rank system.

That is the last thing I really dream about this remake because the rest of Your
changes is far beyond my expectations already.
Thanks again for AWESOME work You already done and for making me feel like I am child
Greeting from Poland!

PS sorry if I doubled post I dont know if I send firs one

qUiXui am 08.07.2014 09:07 #12812

Since i've never played Settlers 1, i dont know anything about the soldiers there. That being said, implementing what you suggested wouldnt be too hard, but balancing would. So if you were to provide me with exact numbers, i could write an addon limiting soldiers to 3 HP.

What i'd need you to do is fill out a table of hit chances like that (Rank 1 = Private, Rank 5 = General):

Rank   1    2    3    4    5
1      x    x    x    x    x
2           x    x    x    x
3                x    x    x
4                     x    x
5                          x


Spike am 08.07.2014 14:23 #12813

Im Ruhestand
Isn't it just a reversed version of the current setting where soldiers only gain HP/Level? Should be the
setting with weak soldiers.


qUiXui am 08.07.2014 19:15 #12814

Actually it would be the exact opposite of currently "weak" soldiers, which do gain health per level, but dont gain hit chance. I do agree that it is is just another way to achieve the same end - balancing, and it could be balanced to match any (or all) of the current strength settings.

Interesting side effects of such an addon are shorter fights and a higher value of recuperation time (i'm quite surprised the purists never complained about that, or I never noticed those complaints).

Spike am 08.07.2014 19:35 #12815

Im Ruhestand
Well, thats the point when I always think about a good setting interface where you could set (nearly) every
const the game is using, such as worktimes (e.g. Mineworktimes), walkingspeed of soldiers (makes fights
longer), store out timers (fast or slow storing out), distance between workers on roads (leads to less
reoccupation etc.)


~Gast am 08.07.2014 22:31 #12816

First of all thanks for quick response. Second to qUiXui: X in Code stands for what?
Sorry mate but I really need explanation of code provided. In my job I am far from
coding (I am lawyer) so I don't know how to fill this code.

Third I think that qUiXui understands me correctly.
I want soldiers that gains rank and fights better but what I don't want is Uber
Soldiers whit lots of HP.
In Settlers I really appreciated chains of production and I always had strong feeling
that use of gold and in the end way of soldier promotion in S2 destroys fun of the

For example You building economy so You start with wood, stone, food iron ore, coal
than beer and this gives in the end ability to produce weak soldiers. Its long process
and to make it work and to be effective You have to plan and expand. But in S2 it was
alwayes wood, stone, little food and than coal and gold. And You didn't have build big
and rich country with good economy to promote Your regular soldier to Uber Soldier.
It's takes all the fun for me.

Next thing about promotion is how its work. 1 gold promote private to private firs
class but secon coin promote pfc to srg and pr to pfc. So 1 coin 2 promotion. I think
it shuld be only after You have all pfc in your military bulding they promote to srg
one by one.

And I know that with addon that will give soldiers 3 hp changing how gold works in
promotion is to much but I think it would be better this way.

In the end thanks again for quick response and qUiXui please try to explain me this

qUiXui am 09.07.2014 11:10 #12817

Code in my post is just the use of the forums code box to get a monospaced font to form a table. I dont need any code but rather hit chances of ranks vs each other, either explicitly via a table or through some formula.

For example, for the "medium strength soldiers" setting you have this table:

A   D>   1       2       3       4       5
1      0.500   0.476   0.455   0.435   0.417
2              0.500   0.478   0.458   0.440
3                      0.500   0.480   0.462
4                              0.500   0.481
5                                      0.500
Meaning for example a rank 1 soldier (private, first row) attacking a rank 4 soldier (officer, 4th column) has a .435 (43.5%) chance of hitting. Assuming a symmetric table, only one half is required since the other half is just the remainder to 1 - that is the same rank 4 soldier hitting the rank 1 private has a 1-0.435=.565 chance (i.e. 56.5%).

So, long story short, x in the table stands for the probabilities of soldiers hitting other soldiers, or how strong a certain rank is vs other ranks.

All that being said, if your goal is to not have "uber" soldiers, you should try the weak setting, which considerably decreases the worth of gold.

For the above "medium" setting, a general is worth approximately 3.25 privates, i.e. on average it will take 4 non-upgraded soldiers to defeat a general. Using the "weak" setting, this number goes down to 2.33, so on average 3 rank 1 soldiers will be enough to defeat one general.

Right now, RTTR balances soldiers around hit chances given that soldiers gain 1 HP per rank, since it worked that way in S2. But - and thats the important part - you shouldnt be judging upgraded soldier strength with regard solely to their hp. We could make upgraded soldiers just as strong as they're now while having their HP fixed at 3, it would just require a correspondingly adapted hit/block chance.

~Gast am 09.07.2014 12:22 #12818

So in my opinion it should look like this:

Every soldier have 3 HP and code is
A   D>   1       2       3       4       5
1      0.500   0.475   0.450   0.425   0.400
2              0.500   0.475   0.450   0.425
3                      0.500   0.475   0.450
4                              0.500   0.475
5                                      0.500

~Gast am 09.07.2014 12:32 #12819

And if there is no change in HP it should be something like this:


A   D>   1       2       3       4       5
1      0.500   0.490   0.480   0.470   0.460
2              0.500   0.490   0.480   0.470
3                      0.500   0.490   0.480
4                              0.500   0.490
5                                      0.500

Feel free to post in English!

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