Mathuz am 12.07.2014 12:36 #12826

Hi, first of all, let me thank you for your hard work on making this gem alive and updated with great new
features. Me and my cousins have great time playing with new possibilities.

Now to the point. When I used latest stable version, everything worked fine, however I wanted to try new
addons, so I downloaded the nightly build. With both the latest and the previous nigtly build, I sometimes
get this crash. It happens in both singleplayer and multiplayer and in more advanced state of the game. It
does not happen always, but once it happens in a game, it then occurs more and more often and makes that
certain game unfinishable. Maybe there is no connection, but it always happened maps with ships.

While it crashes it always writes something like this:

- Replay length: 2965411
- Compressing...
- Sending...
-> success
Reading stack frame 0
Reading stack frame 1
Reading stack frame 2
Reading stack frame 3
Reading stack frame 4
Reading stack frame 5
Reading stack frame 6
Reading stack frame 7
Will now send 8 stack frames

If you want entire log, please let me know where to send/post it.

Spike am 12.07.2014 13:53 #12827

Im Ruhestand
well, do you use windows or linux?


Mathuz am 12.07.2014 18:53 #12828

I use Windows 7 (32)

Wojtek am 13.07.2014 11:31 #12829

I have a similar problem. When I load game, Settlers 2 turn off. It is strange because I have 2 saved games and one of them turn off but the other game I load without any problems.
Here is screen:

qUiXui am 13.07.2014 12:37 #12830

[...]It is strange because I have 2 saved games and one of them turn off [...]

Do you mean one of the savegames consistently crashes RTTR? If thats the case, please upload it somewhere.

Wojtek am 13.07.2014 13:12 #12831

I think I solved the problem. When I load the game I have to set 'dummy' for destroyed players. Maybe it's obvious but I installed RTTR recently and it's something new for me.

qUiXui am 13.07.2014 15:24 #12832

While you shouldnt have to, this sounds like a recently reported bug( Nice find that using dummy players fixes this.

Editiert von qUiXui am 13.07.2014 15:26

Feel free to post in English!

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