Spike am 04.08.2014 16:25 #12869

Im Ruhestand
Hallfiry ( ) contacted me using Youtube and will just post here some interesting
screens etc. he found
in old gaming magazins.

First of all this is the link you could use for a full version because I wont show everything he has ;)

As far as you can see, there are a lot of buildings or at least building styles that are not used or have been changed in
the final version(s). One of the most interesting points in my opinion is, that there are several ideas how to get water -
but I'm still sure that in early versions of Settlers II bakers weren't using water just like in Settlers I.


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Spike am 06.08.2014 12:19 #12875

Im Ruhestand


~Hallfiry am 21.07.2016 10:10 #14216

I've finally invested some time and effort to collect and categorize screenshots and videos. So if you ever wanted to see how S2 evolved, here is your chance:

luk3Z am 22.07.2017 13:19 #14587

Thnx Hallfiry.
This is awesome!

Spike am 22.07.2017 22:17 #14588

Im Ruhestand
Still interesting that they worked on endless maps and a map generator but both weren't in the final releases :(


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