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Guten Tag, Settlers fans!

I have several ideas how to improve the gameplay:

1. Overall ingame speed:

It would be good to add the option of overall speed of the game. I know this
option already exists, but it's still way too slow (the acceleration value is
rather low, like 1.5x, or so). I would like to make a game a bit faster (like
2x, 4x or 8x faster).

It couldn't have been added to the original game by the designers due to
the technical problems (years before, old computers were simply too slow to
allow the fast gameplay). But now, when people plays on a speed monsters -
like Asus G750 with Intel Core i7-4700HQ - why not to allow them play as fast
as they like?

=> How would it work? During the gameplay, by switching the speed
option, you can hasten (speed up) the game if you like. Just as it is now, but
yet faster (you could choose not only from 1x and 1.5x, but also from 2x, 4x
or 8x acceleration).

=> Why? Because when playing (very) large maps, the gameplay becomes
quite boring. It would be nice idea to make it a lot faster than it could be
done now. Some people just doesn't like to wait 5 hours to conquer another 58
watchtowers of the enemy to win a map.

Summary: acceleration of speed is a custom option, and might be set during
the time of a gameplay just as it is now (faster acceleration is for the
faster machines, OFC).

2. Yet another custom win condition:

I would like to add another winning condition to the "free play": destruction
of enemy's palace means defeating the enemy. Which means: when you destroyed
all of your's opponent's palaces, you win the game.

=> How would that work? Right now you choose win conditions between
"defeat other players" and "conquest 2/3 map". I would like to add "destroy
enemy palace" option, which means when the king is killed, his kingdom falls

=> Why? It would improve the gameplay. Basically, when enemy's palace
is destroyed, he got no chances to win a game anyway. In a very big games, I
don't like to wait hours just to get 58th watchtower of an enemy.

Summary: choosing a winning condition is a custom option, and is set before
a start of a gameplay in a "free play" mode.

*post too large - to be continued...

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Adamo am 04.01.2015 02:49 #13273


3. Customizable speed of production of goods:

It would be very cool to customize the speed of production of some goods. It
would allow a player to redesign the basic strategies of the gameplay. If
somebody wants to slow down the production of fisherman (fisherman "produces"
fishes 2x slower) or accelerate the production of coal (coal miner "produces"
coal 2x faster), it should be customizable.

=> How does it work? In a "free play" you simply set a speed of
production of goods before starting a mission.

=> Why? It would make the game more interesting - people might want to
test other, unusual strategies of the gameplay. Somebody might develop a map
full of coal, but with few gold and make a production of coal a bit faster, but
production of gold a bit slower. One might develop a mission with the mills
slowed down; that would mean you'd have to build more of these buildings to
provide supplies. For example, I would like to test a game with slower tree-
planter - it might change the ingame economy and enforce different gameplay

Summary: customizable speed of production of goods is a custom option, and
is set before the start of a gameplay in a "free play" mode.


The things I mentioned wouldn't be hard to code - it's just changing some speed
values - but it could bring a lot of fun to the game. Options related to speed
(speed production, overall speed game) would be nice to include, because they
need no significant changes in the program code. As for another winning
condition, it wouldn't be hard to code, either (the program simply checks if
the player's HQ is destroyed - if so, the player is dead).

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Spike am 04.01.2015 03:51 #13274

Im Ruhestand
Summary: acceleration of speed is a custom option, and might be set during
the time of a gameplay just as it is now (faster acceleration is for the
faster machines, OFC).

Well, in Singleplayer you can have 20ms/10ms (Press "V") (30ms is for mulitplayer fastest). But, 1ms=1GF is... tricky - you may try
playing a replay with 1GF=1ms, it's a bit weird and thats why there is no faster game speed. Also in multiplayer (As far as I know) all
gamecommands are sent to the clients, if the game runs fast you need a faster connection to send all those commands before the next NWF
is reached. But hey, if someone adds faster gamespeed, why not^^

Summary: choosing a winning condition is a custom option, and is set before
a start of a gameplay in a "free play" mode.

Like that one, as well as reaching the gate etc. Or at least really working winning conditions :D

Summary: customizable speed of production of goods is a custom option, and
is set before the start of a gameplay in a "free play" mode.

Well yeah, a bit hard with the current code I guess, would be cool if you couldn't only set speed but used goods etc.
e.g.: a well needs food to produce water, tools are made with stone and iron etc.

Hopefully this explains/answers some things ;)


Krugslayer am 04.01.2015 12:46 #13275

3. Customizable speed of production of goods

I like this idea. However you would have to be careful about this, because speeding up production of many goods at the same time might result in big 'queues' on roads. It would also mean that you would need to build more storehouses.

Adamo am 04.01.2015 15:32 #13279


"a well needs food to produce water, tools are made with stone and iron etc."

That wouldn't be easy to implement. What I was thinking of, is the output
customization of some goods. It could be used for map style customizations
(like: carpenter needs two logs of wood instead of one to produce one board
unit; this is just a minor change in a input/output part). Few examples:

=> in the manually designed "wasteland-style" map, the tree-planters might
work two times slower (because of the land conditions - the land is not
arable), if the map designer wishes to do so,

=> ...or the trees has so poor quality of wood, that the carpenter needs two
logs to produce one board,

=> ...or the underground water resources are so contaminated, that brewery
needs two units of water (instead of one) to produce one unit of beer,

=> ...or the designer might point out, that the land is generally poor of
water (or the water resources lies deep in the ground); so the water output
by the well is two times slower,

=> ...or the farmers might produce the wheat two times faster (especially in
the "greenland style" map condition - the land is perfectly arable, so the
crop is much higher), if the map designer wishes to set it this way,

=> ...or, in the "winter-style" map, the mills works two times faster,
because of the strong wind,

=> ...or, in the "winter-style" map, the pigs needs more grains to grow -
they need to eat more, since it's colder out there,

=> ...or the coal resources lies so deeply in the ground, that the miners has
to work harder (dig deeper) to mine the same amount of coal as usual, so the
whole process lasts two times slower,

=> ...or the iron lies shallow in the ground, so the miner has easier job
(shallow resource), that the mining process lasts two times faster,

=> ... or the map designer might set a lot of trees, but might also point
out, that it's not so renewable resource; if you cut the wood, you'll have to
wait longer to replant the trees, because the seeds are of bad quality,

=> ...or the farmers has a poor quality of grains, so the grain grows two
times slower (or it needs two grain fields to produce one unit of grain),

=> ...or the land is so arable (greenland-style map), that the crops grows
two times faster (one grain field gives two units of grain),

=> ...or the stomenasons established the labor union, so they will work two
times slower, but - since the mountains are full of granite, it's better to
build the granite mines,

=> ...or the brewery workers loves their own production so much, that you
have to be careful about the output looses (they drink 50% of production),

=> ...or there is a waste in the slaughterhouses (a butcher's conspiracy);
the dishonest butchers confidentially sells out half of their meat production
on the black market,

=> ...or there is a plague in the bakery (due to the the filth and lack of
hygiene in the bakeries, rats eats half of the production), so it looses 50%
of the output (= it needs two units of grain to produce one unit of bread).

As for the speeding up/slowing down production, without breaking up the code,
these ideas comes to my mind:

=> As for slowing the production, it could be done in several ways.
IMO, the most simple one is just stopping the production for 50% of the time
(the breaks in production): the building simply changes the trigger,
responsible for two states: 1 (work) and 0 (no work); on state 1, it works
normally, then it "takes a break" (state 0). And so on.

=> As for accelerating the production, the be easiest way to implement
it is when the building works normally (state 1), but has output of two units
of goods instead of just one, as usual.

=> As for changing the input/output: 2 grains + 1 water = 1 bread
(instead of 1 grain + 1 water = 1 bread), as in the last example, it should
be customized by the designer. It obviously needs minor changes in the code.

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Adamo am 04.01.2015 15:40 #13280


No doubt these changes should be implemented very carefully. It would be
deliberated, because of disturbing regular ingame economy. If possible, it
needs some testing. I would change just one thing at the time (like:
"stonemason's labor union" from my 13th example (stonemason needs to work two
times more to "produce" a stone), test it and see what happens. Neverthless,
it would be cool, cause it would enforce other, unusual strategies of the

Adamo am 04.01.2015 16:12 #13283

One more thing that comes to my mind is the customization of production
due to the nation - for example:

=> the Romans plants trees two times slower, but Japanese has "the butchery
conspiration" (50% meet looses),

=> the Romans produce donkeys two times faster, but it's Japanese who has has
faster carpenters,

=> while the Babylonians produce bread two times faster, but they need two
times more water in the breweries,

=> the Vikings are good with mining coal, but 50% of their gold production in
the mints is being stolen ("minters plot").

...and so on. There might be hundreds of example how to set advantages and
disadvantages to change the global economy.

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~Babylonian am 04.01.2015 19:45 #13290

I like the idea of adjusting producing speeds!

To get the best out of this idea, I would like to suggest an adjusted option management system. I.e. the map creators have
the possibility to set the gameplay options as it suits optimally to the map. E.g. If a certain map is supposed to be
played with inexhaustible mines, then the map creator can activate this option for the corresponding map.

There would be two different kinds of option files:
- For every map a specific option file (does not need to set all options, can also be empty) (lua???)

- A global option (the already exisiting one) file which sets the options which are not specified in the map
  For every global option, there should be a chekbox for overwriting the map specific options.
  E.g. the map is supposed to be played with inexhaustible mines but the player generally only plays with exhaustibles
mines, then he can check the 'overwriting' box for the exhaustible mines in the global option file. Then he always plays
with exhaustible mines independent from the map option file.

Feel free to post in English!

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