~Gast am 27.03.2015 16:47 #13402

hi! how I can using russian language?

Spike am 28.03.2015 01:45 #13403

Im Ruhestand
At the moment - no


Wowka am 30.03.2015 21:37 #13404

Hey! I'm also have interest about russian version of the Game, is it possible to
become as a translator for the project? :)

Wowka am 30.03.2015 21:44 #13405

Hey! I'm also have interest about russian version of the Game, is it possible to
become as a translator for the project? :)

Spike am 31.03.2015 17:34 #13407

Im Ruhestand
It was possible to contribute translations back when the main developement was on launchpad but... If it is possible that
easy on github, I don't know. Also as far as I remember graphic files were missing (maybe someone has a Russian Settler II
version?) and/or they were not packed correctly.


Wowka am 31.03.2015 20:57 #13410

Yep, there is the russian version of the "Settlers 2: veni, vedi, vici", but not
the "gold" one. And that translations look sometimes like they used google
translate :)

~Gast am 05.06.2015 20:27 #13506

Hi, I see russian language in configs, sources and data files. But when I select it all text becom invisible (I tested on 2 version
original and russian). Like some problem with font's. May some one say what I had to do to get it working? If reason is in fonts then
may someone upload working one? Or at last tell me where fonts that are used by original settlers and RTTR are store?

~Agent am 06.01.2016 21:56 #13956

Hi! i`m Russian :-)
always use the latest version of the game, I see that we have a Russian language file. But the game is not the translation,
instead of letters - empty.
what do you advise?
I attach a screenshot:

~RussoTuristo am 19.02.2016 11:11 #14034

Hi friends, I really want to play their favorite game in their native Russian language, a lot of information read on
various websites, but neponyal why the problem with the Russian language in the game?
I understand that you need to write the code for the ASCII letters? and all? or something different?

really want to help you!
Thank you very much for your work!

FloSoft am 19.02.2016 15:29 #14035


there's an issue about that topic here:


~RussoTuristo am 19.02.2016 16:31 #14036

I need to write all the Russian letters for you?
compare them with the letters in the picture?

Flamefire am 19.02.2016 17:32 #14037

We first need to change the internal system so it supports unicode. Then we can integrate the new images into the game. Spikeone already made the font (file is on launchpad, see the link at the bottom of the issue) so if you want to help right now, you can check, if those are complete and correct before we integrate them.
I think, I have some time in the next 1.5 weeks so stay tuned! :)


~RussoTuristo am 20.02.2016 00:09 #14038

Hi, all the letters on the spot!
can make the name of pictures is the same as that asci code? It will be more convenient or not?

~RussoTuristo am 20.02.2016 00:14 #14039

im sorry, wrong attached picture!

Flamefire am 20.02.2016 08:01 #14040

Names should be the unicode of that letter. But we need to implement that first to have a good naming scheme


Editiert von Flamefire am 20.02.2016 21:42

~RussoTuristo am 20.02.2016 08:31 #14041

Flamefire am 20.02.2016 21:28 #14042

Kind of. I think we need the UTF-8 numbers, not only the unicode numbers. But we got to see what works best. So this needs to be tested before the naming can be done


Editiert von Flamefire am 20.02.2016 21:32

Flamefire am 22.02.2016 10:38 #14044

Ok so currently it seems that Unicode numbers are the best (shown like U+A12F).
So what would help is having the files named as their unicode numbers. So U+A12F is A12F.bmp and U+0033 is 0033.bmp. So if you want, rename the files and upload it to the issue on github (


FloSoft am 23.02.2016 14:33 #14045

unicode numbered images would be better


Flamefire am 23.02.2016 22:59 #14046

What exactly do you mean? This is what I said or what is the difference?


Spike am 24.02.2016 07:59 #14047

Im Ruhestand
I guess U+A12F => 41263.bmp and U+0033 => 51.bmp

Edit: I still don't know if those graphics are correct (for written alike Russian) and if there are missing letters - and which size
rttr uses (there are 3)


Editiert von Spike am 24.02.2016 08:01

Flamefire am 24.02.2016 10:34 #14048

Although this might be easier/faster it is
much harder to maintain. Using the hex
numbers makes it much easier to see which
characters those are.
But got to check if this is even
supported. If you can only index letters
by their decimal index then we would have
about 64k entries with many of them empty
(but taking some space)


~RussoTuristo am 24.02.2016 10:38 #14049

Hi friends!
renamed images by type
>> So U + A12F is A12F.bmp and U + 0033 is 0033.bmp

>> I guess U+A12F => 41263.bmp and U+0033 => 51.bmp

Spike, I do not understand the principle of how to do so?

FloSoft am 24.02.2016 12:40 #14050


Spike, I do not understand the principle of how to do so?

correct, use dezimal number for each letter.

an empty 64k index takes only 128k space in the file (used flag), dont think that should be a problem.

also it only will create empty entries until the last known item (so if the highest char is 41263, the index would have 41263 items)


Flamefire am 24.02.2016 22:20 #14056

@FloSoft: Ok this is right. But using the hexadecimal numbers makes it easier to find letters by humans. You don't have to convert it first. If the loader can handle this, we can still convert those to decimal numbers to use indices in the program itself.
I'm thinking about explaining that to "outsiders". Using the hex numbers is pretty clear and you don't have to know anything about the internals. But having a 41263.bmp will be confusing (at least at the beginning). So I think we can avoid trouble using hex numbers

@RussoTuristo: Thanks! What we are discussing is using either hexadecimal numbers or decimal ones. U+A12F has a hex number (0xA12F) which is 41263 in decimal.


Flamefire am 27.02.2016 19:29 #14059

@RussoTuristo: I tried to include the images you renamed. But something is wrong. Where did you get them from? Did you convert them? The colors are somehow shifted so they cannot be used


~RussoTuristo am 27.02.2016 19:39 #14060

@Flamefire: renamed manually, only the filename
may be Archiving made any changes, can this be?

Flamefire am 27.02.2016 20:03 #14061

Did you use this: or this: from

Just putting it into a rar archiv will not change the file. Did you maybe opened id and used "save as" or something like that?


~RussoTuristo am 27.02.2016 20:17 #14062

@Flamefire: I used Siedlers II.rar file
I downloaded it  (probably)  from this forum

What can I do now? give me the correct file, i am rename it!

Spike am 27.02.2016 20:21 #14063

~RussoTuristo am 27.02.2016 20:26 #14064

OK, I'll do it soon

~RussoTuristo am 27.02.2016 20:51 #14065

@Flamefire: Check please by color!
I made only one folder to check Russish

Spike am 28.02.2016 11:59 #14066

Im Ruhestand
Colors are correct now


Flamefire am 28.02.2016 12:42 #14067

Jep thats working: ( )

Can you also copy the files from "Russisch 2" and rename the 2nd set like it would be the lowercase chars? (There are only 33 instead of 66 files because there is e.g. only "A" but not "a" as the latter would be to small to display so it uses the "A" for "a" too. But this means, that the file need to exist twice with names for "A" and "a")


Editiert von Flamefire am 28.02.2016 13:37

~RussoTuristo am 28.02.2016 18:01 #14068

I am very pleased that that has started to appear in the game Russian
in the folder "Russisch 2" - small letters
in "Russisch 2 uppercase" folder - big letters.

Flamefire am 29.02.2016 18:43 #14069

The new russian font is included in the latest nightly. Thanks for your help!


Feel free to post in English!

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