Snowwie am 01.04.2015 19:26 #13416

If I download the map editor it shows an executable and an dll file.

Where do I need to put this files?

In my RTTR directory there is already an SDL.DLL file, do I overwrite this?

Vesanus am 01.04.2015 23:07 #13418

Just copy original settlers 2 GFX and DATA to the folder with s25edit. It should work.

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Spike am 01.04.2015 23:12 #13420

Im Ruhestand

In my RTTR directory there is already an SDL.DLL file, do I overwrite this?



RM1985 am 06.06.2015 09:58 #13515

I've encountered a new problem mit the map- Editor, not exactly, it's rather a problem with the SDL.dll. When I downloaded the editor, I copied both files (S25edit.exe and SDL.dll) into my RTTR-Folder and overwrote the old SDL.dll and the game worked fine as always.
Then I had to use the rttr-batch file to download the music, cause it was missing and since then I have no sound in my game anymore, when using the editor SDL.dll, the original one works fine, BUT that way I can't start the editor, until I use the editor SDL.dll.
How can I fix this???

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Spike am 06.06.2015 10:59 #13516

Im Ruhestand
Just overwrite the SDL.dll again. Otherwise you have to use an other folder for the editor (which also needs DATA/GFX/WORLDS)


RM1985 am 06.06.2015 11:35 #13517

Nope, still no sound at all.

I swear I had sound when I first overwrote the SDL.dll, just after i used the rttr-batch file, the sound was gone.

And another Folder for the editor would work, but is just too complicated and should not be necessary, especially when it worked before.

Could maybe reinstalling solve the problem?

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