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Im Ruhestand
I started working on a simple map script you could use on every map you play or make. When you start your game, this script will
'randomly' pick a good - the player who produces most of those in a certain time (at least 1) will 'win' and is rewarded with a good of
your choice. Please note that only storehouse amount counts, used goods are not counted. This means that you may produce 20 Pickaxes
but you also build 30 mines, so you have 0 Pickaxes in stock and a player with 1 Pickaxe in stock but 0 mines will win. If you have any
ideas, find bugs, feel free to ask!

How to use:
Copy the file '[YOURMAPNAMEHERE].lua' to the directory where your map is, name it as your mapfile is named (eg. map01.wld and

You can open the lua file with any editor and change some 'settings'
--Time you got for a 'Quest' | Default: 10000 | MUST be a multiple of 100
m_lenght = 10000
--Modes used, 0 you want to disable 'Quests', currently only mode 1 is working | Default: 1
m_modes = 1
--Quest delay, time until first Quest starts! | Default: 500 | MUST be a multiple of 100
m_delay = 500
--Amount of Goods player wins | Default: 1
m_winamount = 1
--GoodID!!! Player wins | Default: 25 (Coins)
m_wingood = 25

Please note: I'm not using the same good IDs RttR is using since shields depend on your race and I don't want to check those. Refer my
wares_text for further information.


Info screen when starting a game, also tells you your player ID.


Feel free to post in English!

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