~Gast am 10.04.2015 02:53 #13446


We're a couple of guys who has been trying to complete a match the last couple of years. We only meet up once a year for this
game :) So what mitigating actions could we take to be able to complete match? I saw some of the bugreports mentioning that
asyncs might appear faster if there is a mix of windows, mac and linux? Is this an actual problem?


Spike am 15.04.2015 03:41 #13451

Im Ruhestand
Thats just an idea, but not proved. Also using AI/Dummy/Closed spots, shared team view, seafaring seem to increase asyncs but... yeah,
I anybody knew 100% where those asyncs come from, they could be fixed.


Vesanus am 15.04.2015 07:25 #13452

Async is very rare nowdays, so good job RTTR team working on fixing that.

There is a worse thing though. I often get CTD - It happens always when playing seafaring maps with a lot of ships and bots.

Tombus am 16.04.2015 16:56 #13460

Its not true. I and DMM not ended each game... async :/
We try rebuild form replays, not work.
We try rebuild some GF changed player < - > AI, not work.
We try change host, not work.
We try play on this same OS, not work.
We try and try, not work.

For me, propably core of RttR is oveloaded.

Spike am 16.04.2015 17:09 #13461

Im Ruhestand
Well, I finish most games - it's really just games with 4p+ and seafaring I'm not able to finish


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