Snowwie am 15.04.2015 03:05 #13449

A very reoccurring problem with The Settlers 2 is traffic congestion. Especially on bigger maps where you get huge land sizes.

Now I always use the following remedies:
- Place as many flags on any road.
- Place multiple roads right next to each other (creating a sort of free-way).
- Build ample amount of Stocks.

But it doesn't always work. Sometimes the road system is clogged up to heavily everything comes to a halt. Buildings don't produce any more and for some reason piles of good won't be transfer to the Storehouse either. It's just laying there with the Storehouse right around the corner. I can't even build new buildings because wood and stone can't reach it.

Does anyone know a solution to this problem?
Or is it a Settlers bug?

Spike am 15.04.2015 03:15 #13450

Im Ruhestand
Sounds really strange to me - Are you talking about RttR or Settlers 2? If RttR, do you have a replay of the game?


Snowwie am 16.04.2015 01:24 #13454

RttR. What do you mean a replay of the game?

You mean a videocapture of the game?

~Gast am 16.04.2015 02:06 #13455

Screenshot pls.

DMM am 16.04.2015 07:33 #13456

Yes, replay is videocapture of the game,
You can find it at main menu/singleplayer/replays
P = start / stop
D = all map visible
Position of each player you can see by pressing its number (1,2,3...9)

Martin (DMM)
It is never too late to start play RttR!

Spike am 16.04.2015 14:29 #13458

Im Ruhestand
No you don't have to videocapture your game, replays are just all gamecommands exectuted while playing and they are saved in a replay
file (.rpl) so you can like "replay" every game.

You can find them here: C:\Users\<YourUserNameHere>\Saved Games\Return To The Roots\REPLAYS

You may just upload that file and send me a link or E-mail then maybe I can tell why you got a good jam


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~Harniq am 07.10.2015 09:11 #13778

This is basically the challenge of playing Settlers 2, to have a well functioning transport

Even with the best planning, this tends to happen. Following tips may help:
1) change transport priorities. You want stuff off the roads. If wood/stone has high prio
but your roads are full of food, nothing will be transported. Put food higher.
2) make parallel roads and cut the clogged road in the middle. Because it has dead ends, it
will slowly clean up
3) stop production of redundant materials. Example food: stop production of foodstuff.
Whatever is on the road will get away.
4) In crisis, remove a flag. All stuff on that flag will be gone. Depending on the product,
that might not be an issue. Food is essentially free, gold coins, not so much.

~nukular am 07.10.2015 21:38 #13779


I do not think that a ton of parallel roads is a good idea. Granted, I also do not know for shure how rttr (e.g. settlers 2) generates the route of a certain goods, but I guess it is a shortest path algorithm. This is why I use some sort of double helix roads with cycles:

This makes building road more complicated, but leaves more space in between for farms. After about 15 flags I place a new storehouse, preferably with a 6-flag-cycle or at least a bypass.

I would love to present you with a better screenshot with already donkey-equipped and heavily used roads, but my save games are gone (version 25).

Question: Correct me if I am wrong, but all goods are transported from their origin (e.g. a farm) to the next storehouse rather than to a processing facility (e.g. a mill). Processing facilities - even if the are closer - are receiving their supplies from storehouses. Is this still happening, is it just a rttr thing or is this how it worked back in the original game?

~nukular am 07.10.2015 22:15 #13780

here is one of these save games:

As I sad, version 25 which cannot be opened anymore. Maybe someone still has an older version of rttr (one month ago old or so) and can create a screenshot - preferable of the left top region.
Its all about throughput.

~Gast am 10.10.2015 13:42 #13790

For example, raze or disable Quarries and Woodcutters if you don't need them, or disable anything else where you produce a massive extra amount.

Make sure critical roads are on level ground and flags are 2 spaces apart.

Feel free to post in English!

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