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I'd like to know how it is determined whether a fishing is successful or not.

The success rate is determined by the lines 132 and 133 in the source file below:

But I'm not familiar at all with the code, so

1. could someone explain to me how it works?
2. I use to build many fisheries next to each other. E.g. if I have 6 tools allowing me to fish, I'll build 6 fisheries on the same
spot. I wonder if this will impact or not the success rate to catch a fish. In other words, does the location
of the fishery impact the success rate, if yes, why?
3. What is the minimum and maximum success rate? (in %)

Fishing is an easy way to get food, so what is the optimal way to take benefit of it?

Thank you

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PoC am 25.04.2015 12:48 #13472

when a random value between 0 and 100 is less than (40+fish-remaining*10) you catch a fish.
fish-remaining can be at some value between 1 and 4 (not sure about starting at 4 ... could be up to 15 but I think map init sets it at 4 per spot)

Fish remaining only decreases so more fisheries in an area will deplete the resources faster and you end up with less fish per board used for fishing huts.

You start with a 80% (assuming you start at 4 fishes in a spot.. if there are more you start with 100%) chance to catch a fish in a spot and this value drops by 10% per fish caught at this spot to 50% for the last remaining fish.

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Vesanus am 25.04.2015 13:31 #13473

Basically what PoC said.


So I've just tested it several times on a test map and it seems that a fisherman will always catch 4 fishes per 1 spot.

To make things clear:

In the first image you have 2 fishing spots which will yield 8 fishes. (Not more, not less!)

Second image has only 1 fishing spot which will yield 4 fishes.

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matthewbe am 28.04.2015 10:27 #13475

I should do some tests my side too, but I am still surprised that when I built like 6 fishermen not far from each other (almost next to
each other), the missing rate was very high: sometimes a catch 1 on 3, or 1 on 2.

I understand that the success catching a fish decreases, but I was rather expecting that the fish resources would deplete faster.
Instead, it didn't deplete fast, there were just so many misses.

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