matthewbe am 28.04.2015 10:25 #13474

It would be nice to see the production % of the fishery decrease:
the more misses (fisherman doesn't catch a fish), the more the % decreases.

Why? Because when the fish resources nearly depletes, there are a lot of misses, and it's probably just better to build a new fishery
(see test below).

Right now it is either 0% or 100%.

(I am aware that the algorithm success/miss is partially based on a random value, but I think it shouldn't be a problem.)

I did a test where 6 fisheries are built next to each other (see
com=forum&mod=forum&action=thread&id=1332) and it was VERY inefficient. Catches were roughly about 1 on 2. Though all the fisheries
were showing 100% for the whole game. I basically wasted a lot of boards for nearly nothing.

I should do more tests, e.g. with just one fishery, see how many misses there are when resources nearly depletes.
But I'd like some feedback before I do further tests.

RM1985 am 05.06.2015 23:36 #13512

As far as I know, the fisherman can catch a certain amount of fish per node (I think 5 or so) in a certain distance from his house and when that fish is depleted, of course, the efficiency goes to zero immediately.
And I'm also pretty sure, the percentage starts at 0% and then goes up slowly when the fisherman catches some fish, before it comes to 100%.
Also you can use the addon "inexhaustible fish", that way you will never get down to 0% again!

S2-Freak auf dem Weg zum Titelträger

brillenschuss am 08.01.2016 12:39 #13962

i have never seen a fisherman "miss" a fishing attempt. I think he just knows where the fish are and if there are no fish in range the player will get the message. Until then the fisherman is always successful on his fishing trips.

But I don't know if the fisherman always goes to catch the "nearest fish" or if it is random.
An idea to make the productivity percentage meaningful would be as follows:

1. The fisherman always goes to catch the nearest fish.
2. If the traveling distance is short then the productivity is close to or exactly 100% if the fisherman
   has to travel further to catch fish then the productivity-% drops.

This way the player can know how much fish is left in the working area and when it will be time to build a new fishery elsewhere. Also he can better guess how much fish is produced per minute or per production cycle or whatever measure is best used.

So for example if the player has to rely on fisheries for food supply he can check the percentages and decide if he has to build additional fisheries to keep up the needed production output.

I think this can be easily achieved by writing an AI for fishermen so they can calculate shortest path to nearest fish, if this hasn't already been done.
Then the %-drop per time unit has to be adjusted to get realistic estimation.

I could do some testing with fishermen and traveling distance and maybe create a formula to calculate the average productivity.

Spike am 09.01.2016 03:17 #13963

Im Ruhestand
Well, fisherman do, they also do in the original (when I first saw this feature, I thought it's a bug).

I still think, that the percentage is meaningfull - either the fisher has fish he could catch, or he doesn't, this fact results
in either 100% or 0% productivity.
A fisher who walks a long distance to his fish and then he may miss the catch attempt results in low productivity? I don't think that
the same system would work well for woodcutters etc.

With those changes you couldn't get 100% productivity even with unlimited fish and I think thats a bad way of using those percentages.


CrazyL am 09.01.2016 14:54 #13966

Zitat von brillenschuss:
Also he can better guess how much fish is produced per minute or per production cycle or whatever measure is best used.

You don't need the percentages to know how much fish you produce per minute -- that's what the production statistics window is for:)

Editiert von CrazyL am 09.01.2016 14:54

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