Spike am 04.05.2015 00:43 #13477

Im Ruhestand
Hello Everybody,
I'm searching for some volunteers who may test the missions I just (kinda)
created. They are based on the first Roman Missions in Settlers IV.

Information on Settings you should use:
Play as close as possible to the original (including gold not deactivated by default, no inexhaustible mines, no inexhaustible fish
etc.) and send me the replay. Either upload it and PM me or send it by E-Mail to

Please also make sure, that you do NOT save and continue the game, LUA-Scripts aren't saved so, you would continue playing without a
script running (including AI building restrictions and events).

Please do only play as roman!

Mission I:

Settings: Original
Enemy: Viking
Seafaring: Yes(non essential)
Version: 5 - 24.01.2016

Mission II:

Settings: Original + Enable Sea attacks
Enemy: Nubian
Seafaring: Yes(non essential)
Version: 3 - 11.05.2015

Mission III:

Settings: Original
Enemy1(Player2): Nubian
Enemy2(Player3): Viking
Seafaring: No
Version: 1 - 12.05.2015

Just put both files in your worlds folder.

Thanks for helping and testing :)


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HeXor am 06.05.2015 23:20 #13480

Hey Spike!

Nice mission, I just tested it and bashed these poor little Vikings ;-)

I found two ways to succeed in this mission, the long way which is nicely balanced and needs a good economy in order to produce enough soldiers and
upgrade them to survive first attacks and finally defeat the vikings, although there is a lot of space available before encountering the enemy at the
desert barrier

The short way is definitely too short ;-) So either make it a bit harder or try to hide it a bit better to have this way as a kind of easter egg


Spike am 07.05.2015 02:43 #13482

Im Ruhestand
-Forced AI to also build watchtowers defending short way
-added more stone to lengthen short way
-AI now gets each 3000 GF 1 General when using short way
-AI now has 900 Boards + Stone (failed most likely their economy)
-Added Harbor spot next to the AI, so they will defend there


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Spike am 08.05.2015 03:47 #13483

Im Ruhestand

Second Mission is also ready for testing - should be a bit harder overall (If the AI doesn't fail hard...)


Spike am 08.05.2015 15:15 #13484

Im Ruhestand
Updated Mission2, AI failed nearly always in v1


gefroy am 10.05.2015 18:32 #13485

Wut is dat mon? Am I overthinking how it would work?

Jeankepler am 15.05.2015 21:38 #13486

Hmm, gonna try to record me playing and upload to my gameplay channel on YT. Would stream live but my Mic needs remixing and the connection is unstable.

RM1985 am 09.06.2015 11:50 #13538

"Please also make sure, that you do NOT save and continue the game, LUA-Scripts aren't saved so, you would continue playing without a script running (including AI building restrictions and events)."

If I see it right, you HAVE to play the whole mission in one session, right? Could be problematic, if you have not enough time, especially, when the missions get larger and longer. I assume you'll adjust that in the near future.

S2-Freak auf dem Weg zum Titelträger

Spike am 10.06.2015 06:22 #13540

Im Ruhestand
As maqs stated in his Lua information post, Lua is still experimental and may not work as intended sometimes. Therefor
those missions are more for testing needs a mission has and maybe missing functionality.


CrazyL am 03.01.2016 13:13 #13951

Happy New Year to all Devs and Settler2-Fans!

I tested your missions -- and I liked them. Compared to "Octavianus Reise" or the original campaign, they feel more balanced (the resources in the mountains were just enough to get on par with the military might of the KI) and are a much greater challenge military wise. Not even speaking of the "unpleasant surprise" in mission 1 if you decide to take the "short way"...

The only thing I did not like was the fact that the game continues during fullscreen messages. Youwant to read the message text carefully to enjoy the story combining the missions -- therefore the game should enter "pause"-mode when showing them (and continue after they're closed).

That said, I have uploaded the replays and wish you all again a Happy New Year!

P.S.: The KI in the first mission should not be building fortresses except for one, (they're disabled in the LUA-Script, though one fortress is part of the AIConstructionOrder) -- but she did build another one?!?

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Spike am 06.01.2016 08:10 #13953

Im Ruhestand
Hey crazyL, I wish you a happy new year as well.

Thanks a lot for testing, I think you are the first person who tested all missions so far ;)

Pausing the game is currently not possible - but you can pause the game on your own. Also some events and messages
may be bugged - and came faster than I expected, hopefully I can watch those replays and find possible bugs.
That building order problem: The Ai does not build the ordered building at the exact spot, just tries to build it as close as
possible. In my case this feature weren't working as expected - if you took the short way, you had to conquer 1 barrack to
win. That's the reason why I added those "fake" harbor spots (just look for 2 pineapple trees) so the AI would try to defend
there (which works quite well).
But I'll have a look at the problem as well.

Do you think those missions (with lua save state and pause game) are ready for a release?

Thanks a lot for testing, I never got time for testing so - I'm happy mission 3 worked ;)


CrazyL am 07.01.2016 11:08 #13957

Hi Spike,

didn't think I'd be the first one, what with the missions already being online for quite a while. But I'm glad the replays were helpful :D

Thanks for mentioning the "pause"-key -- I didn't even try as I believed pressing any key would close the message window. Stupid really; however, it worked just fine! If pause by lua cannot be implemented, another message could pop up immediately on start of mission 1 informing the player of the alternative -- and that message could be used as a credits page as well (missing so far)!

Regarding building order: I wasn't specific enough. I didn't check the exact location of AI buildings, what bothered me was the following:

The AI in mission 1 built two (!!) fortresses. Should the AI be allowed to do that? As I found out in the lua-file, fortresses are disabled by LUA, so as I understand it the AI should only build one hardcoded in the AIConstructionOrder, even if she cannot do that at the exact location.

Sadly, the replay of the first mission seems to be out of sync from GF246 onward; otherwise I'd send an issue.

Regarding release:

  • I'd say that the text messages can do with some (re-)formatting -- a lot of text without blank lines is kind of hard to read, especially for the mission intros. I guess a report-style format with some separating lines and a date on top would really help (with reading as well as creating atmosphere), though I can see that's some work with the formatting options you have.

  • Right now the AI plays as roman by default -- should be changed to the correct civ if possible. The two AIs in mission 3 are hostile to each other by default, but shouldn't they be allies?

  • Difficulty level is just right (in my opinion), though perhaps the player should be informed that this campaign is harder than "Octavianus Reise" and quite a bit more challenging than the original "Roman Campaign".

    Apart from checking the spelling in the messages again, I'd said that's about it.

Again, great thanks for the effort of creating these missions and your tutorials on lua for RTTR!

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Spike am 07.01.2016 12:37 #13958

Im Ruhestand
Thanks for more detailed information!

Regarding pause and credits:
Yes, I could add such a window for credits and information.

AI buildings:
The AI is not limited at all - when Lua was added the ai could just build any available building, even if deactivated.

AI nation: you have to set them, I think I mentioned that in my first post, sadly I can't set it in the script (yet)

AI faction: you have to set them, I can't set them in LUA, sadly.

Maybe those are points why we can't add missions by default :-/


CrazyL am 07.01.2016 20:46 #13959

Hi Spike,

guess I expected that nations and factions could not (yet) be set by LUA-scripting, otherwise you would already have done that ;)

Regarding the AI building more than one fortress, I must have misunderstood the following line

function onStart()
   rttr.DisableBuilding(1,BLD_FORTRESS,BLD_CATAPULT,BLD_SHIPYARD,BLD_HARBORBUILDING) // Player 0: human, 1: AI

I thought after that event (right on start) the AI would be unable to build any of those again. But if that is not the case -- what does that line do?

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Spike am 07.01.2016 22:31 #13960

Im Ruhestand
I missunderstood what you were saying.

Yes, the AI is not allowed to build a fortress, if the AI builds some - thats a bug.

Right now the AI plays as roman by default -- should be changed to the correct civ if possible. The two AIs in mission 3 are
hostile to each other by default, but shouldn't they be allies?

Ah this means thats one thing that should be fixed - because you said the two AIs in mission 3 are hostile, they are not - if YOU set
the correct settings ;)


~Suzu am 17.01.2016 00:52 #13981


I also played the first one, and tried the shortcut, but it was impossible, cause the AI already expanded to their harbour. Is this intended?
After this I went the long road and found 3 fortress. But the bigger problem was, as I used my catapult and destroyed 1-2 of the military buildings, he could expand through the desert. I didnt want to attack in this mission, but I had not much chance, and had to do it.

All in all, it was a very nice mission. I think its balanced with the recources and has a bit of work to do for the economy. I hope the other 3 are as great as this one, and I also hope, you are makeing more of them^^

Spike am 17.01.2016 00:58 #13982

Im Ruhestand
Thanks for testing!
Well, the AI can only block the shortcut when the buildingarea restriction is lifted. Either when you build a second harbor or you
reach the dessert area. Also the AI can not pass the desert before you reach it, but after you do it is possible (depends on how far
you expand).
Also it is not possible to win any mission without fighting.

Again, thanks for testing, I may continue on the missing 5 missions but I wanted to wait for some feedback first, now I got some
positive ;)


CrazyL am 17.01.2016 22:59 #13983

Zitat von Spike:
[..] I may continue on the missing 5 missions [..]

Wow... missions four and five finished already ?!? (10 missions/S2campaign - 5 missions missing = 5 missions ready, if I'm not mistaken)

Just kidding of course, the new roman campaign will be eight missions total, right?

P.S.: I'm really sorry about the confusion with the AIConstructionOrder earlier; hope you didn't spend much time on my mistake.

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Spike am 18.01.2016 08:02 #13984

Im Ruhestand
Nah, those Missions are just a 'kinda' converted version of original settlers IV missions, means 3 missions for each nation.
3 roman missions finished (0 to go)
1 Nubian mission finished (2 to go)
0 Japanese missions finished (3 to go)

I also started working on a RttR campaign which should include 10 missions just like the original (just search for rttr mission),
the first mission is finished but only poc tested.
Also I plan to make a coop campaign.


Spike am 24.01.2016 12:29 #13995

Im Ruhestand
- Construction order should work now
- Initial intro text added


Feel free to post in English!

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