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Im Ruhestand
The idea of some magic in SettlersII was always present - so I thought about about a system how it could work. I think Settlers III and
IV had some good ideas but... the had diffrent nations which were really diffrent unlike Settlers II. So I think there shouldn't be any
diffrence (except appearance) as for example in Settlers IV where each nation needed a diffrent terrain and resources to actually get
mana. Thats why it should be a normal building, working like farm in my opinion.
Also I don't think that there should be "spells" or something like that because it doesn't really feel like Settlers II in my opinion.
I think you might build a building which creates some resources you need to get mana (like wine in a vineyard), then you need to
actually use this resource (in a small temple or something like that) and then you actually need to use that product to actually get
mana or something like that.

That would make something like:
Vineyard => Small Temple + Well => Temple
Just like (except you don't need to refine grapes twice):
Mill => Bakery + Well => Mine

And because there are no spells (in my idea) we need some other way to spend our mana. I think it could work a bit like in Settlers
III, so you could select a diffrent "Faith-Tree" (Military, Economy, Goods) which you could "Level-Up".
For example Economy could mean that production speed is increased by 1% percent each 50 Mana + Current Level * Current Level * 5
Or Goods could mean that you get a specific or non specific Good each 15 Mana
Or Military could mean that you could deploy 1 more soldier in each building each 10 Mana + Current Level * Current Level * 10

Well, but, for now I only got a small vineyard which I wanted to pixel and show you ;)


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