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Hello Everybody,
I'm searching for some volunteers who may test the missions I just (kinda) created. They are based on the first Mayan Missions in
Settlers IV.

Information on Settings you should use:
Play as close as possible to the original (including gold not deactivated by default, no inexhaustible mines, no inexhaustible fish
etc.) and send me the replay. Either upload it and PM me or send it by E-Mail to

Please also make sure, that you do NOT save and continue the game, LUA-Scripts aren't saved so, you would continue playing without a
script running (including AI building restrictions and events).

Please do only play as Nubian!

Mission I:

Settings: Original + Enable Sea attacks
Enemy: Roman
Seafaring: Yes(essential)
Version: 1 - 17.05.2015

Mission II:

Mission III:


Feel free to post in English!

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