RM1985 am 13.06.2015 18:06 #13551

Hello everybody,
I'm currently working on a map of middle earth for RTTR and I would like to ask the RTTR-community, if you would like to have such a map? I'm doing it anyways, just asking, if I should upload it and post a link in here, when it's done?
Still not sure, what size it will have, currently I'm working it to have a size of 512x487, not sure if thats too big, maybe I should make it smaller, like 256x244, don't know yet.
Could there be problems with a mapsize of 512x487? Give me some advice please and also some comments about my work-in-progress-map. Thank you!

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Spike am 13.06.2015 20:41 #13553

Im Ruhestand
Why dont you just upload it when it's finished?


Seems like you don't listen, I told you, that this IS a problem because it has to be an even mapsize. Also 2*244 is 488.


RM1985 am 13.06.2015 22:24 #13554

Just because, maybe I wanted people to get exited about the map.
And also because I wanted to know, if the map is maybe too big, maybe there could be performance issues for some people, maybe you can tell me. I assume a map this size requires more computer power than the usual large maps of 256x256.
And I know the map size isn't right yet, have to add that 1 Pixel yet.

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Elritzo am 27.06.2015 21:51 #13569

Well new maps are always welcome. So post when finished! Said enough I don't have advice about the size of the map.

RM1985 am 02.09.2017 11:08 #14638

A little progress update on my Middleearth map! Eventually I choose the size of the map to be 512x486, which is pretty large. But I want it to be as detailed as I can make it!

Also got some pictures for you:

The first one is the map that I used to create a bmp-pic out of it:

The second picture shows the bmp-pic I created from the original map (which took like thousands of hours):

And the third pic shows a screenshot from the map ingame (still not finished):

Don't worry about the light green areas or the white dots in the last pic, these are just markers for me to place woods, hills or special objects. Actually the white dots mark important places in middleearth, like Isengard, Helms Deep, Minas Tirith . . .

Still have lots of work to do, right now I'm working on the finishing of the terrain like the variety of the terrain, placing the players and resources, then also placing all kinds of objects, trees, animals, stone and such.

A big THANK goes to MR. SPIKE, whose ObjektPlacement-tool helped me convert the bmp-pic into the map and will also help me with the height map and placing objects. So, thank you very much, Buddy!

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