glindsaynz am 20.07.2015 10:25 #13598


My harbour was destroyed by enemy soldiers - following this I was unable to rebuild it (castle icon changed to a house)  - is there anyway around this?  Only one harbour site on the island!!


Greg Lindsay

Spike am 20.07.2015 18:06 #13599

Im Ruhestand
Any Replays or Savegames? Or at least a Screenshot?

You could try a workaround - place any building site or flag and destroy it, this will force the game to update the building quality in
that area so you may get back your building slot. Also maybe you planted a tree there which blocks the position.


Snowwie am 29.05.2016 18:54 #14178

While the harbor was still there something has been formed or build to close to it. This can be a tree or another building. You need to clear the area around the harbor location and eventually the castle icon will re-appear.

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