Dzoffmann am 08.08.2015 12:15 #13639

Hey guys im interested in knowing how to create a harbor area, i am really confused about this :)

Also in the map i am making players will start on islands, i am wondering if it is possible for other players to take over an island if the (lets say) player 1 has full control of he's island?

Help appriciated :)

Spike am 08.08.2015 12:23 #13640

Im Ruhestand
Either you use the "Hafenpatch" or our Editor (which you can find in this forum) to place harbor spots. In our editor it's by holding
the 'H' Key.

If you can overtake an island depends in RttR on settings, in the original game it depends on mapdesign.


Dzoffmann am 08.08.2015 12:46 #13641

Thanks alot for the fast respond Spike! :)

I got it working now and can continue my map!


Dzoffmann am 08.08.2015 13:00 #13642

If i regret where i placed my harbor spot is there any way to remove it? :)

Spike am 08.08.2015 14:57 #13643

Im Ruhestand
Still, no idea which editor you use, but in s25edit you can use "B"


Dzoffmann am 08.08.2015 15:00 #13644

I use both the RTTR game and RTTR editor :)

Spike am 08.08.2015 15:08 #13645

Im Ruhestand
Then 'B' will do the trick, thats also the shortcut for "Big Building" (doing the same as 'H' but without creating a harbor building


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