dreieck am 16.08.2015 02:06 #13681


I think I am stupid, but I still cannot find it, so I post, maybe someone can direct me to what I am looking for (or it is indeed not there?):

I am looking for a basic introductory user-documentation of the features and functions which are new in RTTR and/or differend from the original settlers2. So, addons, trading, ...

Or did nobody bother to write and pin it on the top of the forum/ create a wiki-like entry everyone can extend/ ...?

Also, on how to use the mapeditor (didn't get it woking so far, I think installed or called wrongly).

I played a few rounds of RTTR to find out things, but some things are still confusing.

Dreieck (German answer is fine, too).

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Spike am 16.08.2015 09:58 #13682

Im Ruhestand

Addon: Reduce Reoccupying troops (not default)

Also some other Addons:

In general, nearly everything works as it did in the original. Gold stop is immediatly, maps are always endless, seafaring is by
default changed but addons can change that. There is a collect button, there is a go to next same building button.
You may ask a bit more specific about any other feature then, because I think a wiki listing everything wouldn't help either


dreieck am 16.08.2015 12:13 #13683

OK, thanks, some time I will watch those videos (cannot watch youtube etc. right now due to technical reasons).
Would be practical to "collect" such information in a documentation-section (seperately on the website, or at an appropriate place in the forum pinned to the top).

Furthermore, a subsection in the documentation section about how to compile the stuff on your own (including the mapeditor).

Maybe just create that sections (even if still empty, but well-organised) and that already will encourage people to create valuable texts?

Two more detailed questions:

* I build the charcoal-maker (don't know the proper english word vor "Köhler(ei)"). It did nothing. Then, when removing a surrounding way it began to build it's pile (so I
discovered that it needs space around like the farmer). It did only build this one pile, after it was finished and the coal taken it did not build a new pile. I think it did not
have space to build at other locations except this one, but it also did not build any second pile on the place where it has built it's first one. So I am confused. Maybe it
needs to build a second pile at another location before it can reuse an old one? Would be nice to have such details documented, like the details of an API in a software
project are also documented.

* How to do attacks over sea and how do they work?

And, a listing on what is not yet implemented from the original game/ what is not working correctly.

I hate bothering people by asking those questions, but I really could not find any collected documentation.

Anyway, I am very grateful about that project. I just recently stumbled upon it. Only sad thing that without graphics acceleration it is very slow, so that I cannot use it on
my working machine (I use Xorg over kernel-framebuffer-device (uvesafb) for stability, less complexity -> fewer things can go wrong, simplicity in handling both graphical
and text console), but that may be good so I really have to decide I want to play.

I also really like that the rowing boats can be indefinite long -- so to connect the sea-bridges on torus-maps.

Thanks for all who put in efforts!


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Flamefire am 16.08.2015 12:29 #13684

If you like, we are more than happy if you could write such a documentation.
Maybe as a wiki on Github or as a forum post. (I think a github wiki is better as formatting is easier and you can have linked subpages)
Even if you just start with something then leave placeholders where you think something needs to be filled in and animate others to extent that.
The devs are pretty busy and not that many, so we got other priorities although this would be good to have. But we need more manpower for that ;)


Spike am 16.08.2015 12:39 #13685

Im Ruhestand
How to build RttR:

Editor: That Editor was done by Xaser, also not mac compatible and I guess on Linux only if you compile it on your own. Thats why the
editor is not part of the project.

Well, I have also no idea how the charburner is exactly working, he needs a lot of space, he uses the same spot even if he has only

Anybody who is willing can transform those videos into written documentations.


FloSoft am 16.08.2015 13:38 #13686

Hey Spike,

those videos would be a good idea to add them to the github wiki pages (kind of "Whats New in RttR?"-Page)


Spike am 16.08.2015 16:19 #13687

Im Ruhestand
Started some basic work:

Is that a format you like?


FloSoft am 17.08.2015 16:37 #13689

looks good, perhaps a list (- ...) for the content links, but *like*


dreieck am 04.12.2015 20:44 #13868

It's great!,

I just wanted to edit something. Does anyone has to give me editing rights?

Write me, I will write you my github-username as private message then.

AND: Maybe we should put as a place for documentation to a prominent place (e.g. at at the left site "Portal Links" -> "Documentation"), to encourage people to contribute to it?

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Spike am 06.12.2015 02:43 #13874

Im Ruhestand
I agree with you, I thought everybody could edit those pages, if not you may ask flosoft. Also I could add texts for you, just write a
pm or something and I'll add it and credit you ;)

Yeah, well, if the wiki would be filled - we should really add it to the webpage as you suggest.


FloSoft am 06.12.2015 12:16 #13875

well, from the documentation of github about the wiki: "Any GitHub user can create and edit pages to use for documentation, examples, support, or anything you wish."

So I think you only need a github user?


dreieck am 07.12.2015 13:18 #13882

FloSoft wrote on 06.12.2015, 12:16:

> well, from the documentation of github about the wiki:
> "Any GitHub user can create and edit pages to use for
> documentation, examples, support, or anything you wish."
> So I think you only need a github user?

I am, but I fail to find any Edit-button or such.

Just for testing, I did hit "fork", forked the project, and there, on "my own" project, there are the buttons "Edit" and "New Page" and "Delete Page".

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FloSoft am 07.12.2015 17:21 #13883

well it seems github does not allow to have users edit the wiki without having access to the main repository :-/

so perhaps simply write issue requests with wiki content you want to add?


Flamefire am 08.12.2015 11:59 #13884

It seems it is possible to allow anyone to edit the wiki (without further control, but I think you still have the versioning so you can revert bad changes)
Otherwhise with some work one can create another repo for the wiki only:


FloSoft am 10.12.2015 16:58 #13887

yes you can download/fork the wiki repo, and create PRs for that too

(you can clone the wiki here: but you can't access it via webbrowser via that url)


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Feel free to post in English!

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