Spike am 19.08.2015 14:52 #13692

Im Ruhestand
In february we moved from Launchpad to Github ( and now finally the first benefits are not only
visible for developers but for players like you!

You can either watch this video:
Or read the following text:

-Fixed translation of addon options
-Updated languages

-Military control now uses its own icon

-Three Islands
-Dat Async
-Mid or Feed

-Show name of map when loading a savegame via lobby
-Terrain renderer improved
-Fixed crash when using seafaring
-Fixed crash when attacking enemy buildings
-Fixed async when using charburner
-German 'umlauts' have been fixed
-More minor fixes

-Display savegame name instead of full path
-Always share statistics in replay mode
-New icons for 'jump to next' and 'go to place' functions
-Basic support for different AI levels
-30 FPS limit in menus/pause to reduce CPU use when not playing
-Added platform support for FreeBSD

-New wiki (

Everybody is invited to enhance the wiki, there is lots of information missing and a lot of work to do!

Also a user asked if we are still alive: Yes we are ;)

Have fun playing and expect some more changes soon.


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Krugslayer am 22.08.2015 08:58 #13707

Glad to see an update after 6 months. Feels like this project is alive again thanks to Github. Looks like it is much better than Launchpad. I've already checked out some threads and looks like you are all busy improving this game. More free time because of holiday I guess :)
So many ideas for new buildings :D

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Waboilt am 23.08.2015 21:47 #13714

Sounds great! We will test the new features and the bugfixes in the next days :-)

Porco am 27.08.2015 07:20 #13718

Sweet improvement Spike!

* maybe one day, can you put the pt-br in game? Did the translation while ago :3

Waboilt am 05.09.2015 23:53 #13732

Are the fixes part of the current nigthly build? Got several crashes this weekend...

Flamefire am 06.09.2015 00:21 #13733

Yes they are. Any more information on those? Replays/ways to reproduce? Which OS?


Spike am 06.09.2015 00:47 #13734

Im Ruhestand
Did you play with improved alliances?


Matthias am 22.01.2017 15:26 #14510

Everybody is invited to enhance the wiki, there is lots of information missing and a lot of work
to do!

Looks like the wiki is read-only for people outside the development team. I wanted to add a link to the
openSUSE installer at Maybe
you can do that at the appropriate place.

luk3Z am 21.07.2017 14:24 #14586

It's pretty nice to see 3 AI levels but what is the difference between them in details ?

Kindsaza am 31.07.2018 19:09 #14995

Hi everybody!

Firstly I'm a Dane and my German is not sufficient to explain what I have to say, so I
hope you will take time to respond to me in English.

Long time player of S2 and I have to say, I really enjoy Return to the Roots, very well
done guys. There is just one thing that I'm missing in the game, and I really hope
someone can help me to maybe solve it.

I can't build a charcoal burner and I think it has been removed from the game. I
personally think that it's a mistake to remove it.

I really like playing huge maps in S2 and the charcoal burner added a big extra
mechanic to the game. The larger maps are a lot less fun without the charcoal burner,
since it requires a lot of building to get charcoal burning running. So I think it
takes a huge part of the game, out of the game.

I hope you will take your time to respond and maybe give a direct link to a version
with charcoal burner and where map generator is also build in.

Thanks for your time.

Don't know how to remove this comment, but I found the solution.

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Truther am 03.09.2019 10:28 #15286

Charcoal burner is optional. You have to activate it in the settings.

I like huge maps, too