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In general all bugs should be reported at Github:

This allows to resolve them very fast, as they can be categorized, assigned and closed.
Search the issues first to see if anyone already reported it. If so, add helpful information to it, if you have anything more, otherwise just keep an eye on it till it is closed.

For reporting a bug use these questions:
1) Which version is affected?
   Use the "main" version (2015xxxx) and the sub-version (a string of alphanumeric chars, e.g. 12fddb2) which you can find once you started the game
2) What did you do/shall be done to reproduce the bug?
   Example: Start replay till GF 1337 or start Map XYZ with 2 AIs and run till 1234 GFs or build a woodcutter at position xyz and then clap your hands.
3) What is expected? (Unless it is a crash)
   E.g. Soldier 2 walks from A to B
4) What happens instead?
   E.g. Soldier walks to C instead, game crashes, ...

The better your information is and especially if it can be easily reproduced the faster we can fix that.
Please always attach savegame, replay and log file to make it easier for us. Those can be found in:
  • Windows: <User>/Saved Games/Return To The Roots
  • Linux: ~/.s25rttr
  • OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/Return To The Roots
Thanks a lot for your cooperation!

Note on "How to reproduce a bug":
A reproducible bug is a bug we can most easily fix. You can check, if it is reproducible easily:

For crashes:
  • Open replay
  • Jump to end of replay (Press "j" and enter the last GF (GameFrame) as shown in the top)
  • After game reached the end (message shown) press "p" to continue from there
  • Game should instantly crash again -> Reproduced

For wrong behaviour:
  • Open replay
  • Play the replay till the GF before the wrong behaviour. You can change the speed with "+"/"-" or skip GFs by pressing "j"
  • Try to locate the start/cause of the problem (Which GF?)
  • Try to locate a GF or GF-range that shows the wrong behaviour
  • If this happens every time you play that replay (test at least twice) then it is reproduced


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