~Skybee am 09.10.2015 14:50 #13784


I love there is an update to Settlers2 since I have had so many fond memories of this game and quite incredible there is active involvement to update this. Very awesome. I very much looking forward to enjoying this update.


I am having a very difficult time understanding what I need to do to install this.

F.A.Q. is entirely in a foreign language that I do not understand. Unfortunately, only language I know is English. I tried to put the F.A.Q. through Google Translate and it would not work.

Trying to find direction on what I need to do to install this update. I can not find it.

I appreciate any help.

Spike am 09.10.2015 17:57 #13785

Im Ruhestand
Search YouTube - channel:Spikeeins and those videos are either called how to install rttr on windows or how to install on
Mac (can't provide a video link ATM)


Chetak am 09.10.2015 18:12 #13786

Hello Skybee,

the unbelievable Spike has created a Video to your questions:

On the left side on this page you taste the "Downloads"-Link and choose your Version and download it.
Then unzip the downloaded file and add the original siedler2-directories "data" and "gfx", exactly like in that Video.

If you don't have those directories, you can get it from the web-page


It's the complete Programm, where you can copy those directories.

At last you start the s25client.exe
...then it should be run...

best greatings

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~Skybee am 09.10.2015 18:48 #13787

Well done. Appreciate the fast responses.

I always loved this old video game. I was about 10 years old when I started playing the game on MSDOS and just loved it. Still, 24 years later, it peaks my interest. Very unique civilization game. Nothing else out there like it that I could find.

I hope your solutions will work.

I will try that as soon as I can. Busy at the moment with family.

I will give an update when all said and done.

Thanks again!

Spike am 09.10.2015 19:50 #13788

Im Ruhestand
Well, S2 is just ~20 years old :D


~Skybee am 28.10.2015 01:33 #13825


I finally got some free time here to try this out. Installation and game start successful! Thanks again!

Music does not play. I tried to get some of the music to play in the Music menu without success. When I close the music window, an error automatically shows saying "Specified filed could not be saved" and then the game crashes.

Is there a quick easy fix to the music? The old MIDI music really brought it home for me.

Appreciate the time! Thanks again.

Spike am 28.10.2015 03:23 #13826

Im Ruhestand
use the or rttr.bat(win)


~Skybee am 28.10.2015 14:44 #13827

No luck.

Ran the rttr.bat to update everything and still no music.

I uninstalled then reinstalled RTTR and then ran rttr.bat again. No music.

Sound effects work, but no music. Same error happens when I leave the Music window. I hear the sound effects very good. Menu says the music should be enabled.

I have today and tomorrow free to help figure this out. Give a yell if there is anything I can do to help.


~Skybee am 28.10.2015 14:45 #13828

If helps any... my OS is Windows XP Professional.

Spike am 31.10.2015 03:26 #13829

Im Ruhestand
Download those files:

And put them in the same folder (RTTR => MUSIC => SNG)


~Skybee am 26.11.2015 17:58 #13866

Downloaded the .GOG files, moved them to the folder, and music still does not work. Sound effects work, but just no music.

Sorry for the delayed response here. I only have the free time to do this when at my sister's house. I will be here for today and possibly next 2 days to help any I can to figure this out. This is very minor problem so no worries.

Are there any files I can upload to help resolve this?

I have enjoyed this new version of Settlers 2. I love the improvements, options, and features in Settlers 2 Return to the Roots. In many ways, the improvements made in Return to the Roots makes Settlers 2 almost better than the Settlers 2 10th anniversary edition, but Return to the Roots needs much more polishing to truly be better than the 10th anniversary edition.

Again, I absolutely love the improvements, features, and options made in Return to the Roots. These features in game and in the options menu are exactly what was needed for Settlers 2 to really shine. If the 10th anniversary edition had the improvements, features, and options you made in Return to the Roots, then this would make for the perfect Settlers 2 upgrade.

I look forward to seeing what you achieve for Return to the Roots.

The work is very much appreciate! :)

Spike am 28.11.2015 13:17 #13867

Im Ruhestand
As I said in my previous post:


Download those files:

And put them in the same folder (RTTR => MUSIC => SNG)


Feel free to post in English!

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