FiBu am 17.10.2015 18:56 #13807

Hello everbody.
I am complete linux newbie so please be patient. My game is working flawlessly but there is no sound.

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Spike am 17.10.2015 22:03 #13808

Im Ruhestand

Hopefully this helps.
Guess you have to install: libsdlmixer


FiBu am 17.10.2015 22:34 #13809

Thank you very much for this! Sound is working fine now but unfortunately without music. I know that in nightly builds
music isn't included but I have normal build.

Flamefire am 18.10.2015 10:44 #13810

The music comes from the original game. It has nothing to do with nightlys. They are actually the recommended way to play although they might be bugs.
Check if you copied everything from S2 and have the volume for the music loud enough and actually enabled (ingame)


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