Spike am 21.10.2015 01:40 #13815

Im Ruhestand
... have been added!
This is great for everyone who creates maps sometimes. It also offers
more possibilities for new mapdesigns.
More information on possible textures:


CrazyL am 21.10.2015 12:43 #13816

Really nice, I used Merri's textures already with the original game and look forward to seeing them fully implemented in RTTR as well. I especially liked "floating" lava (guess flowing lava is the word you're looking for :))

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Spike am 21.10.2015 15:27 #13817

Im Ruhestand
Oh yeah, never write something when you are tired :-s (map is also named "flow of lava" not float :D)


Sintho am 15.11.2015 16:56 #13841

I like the grass textures in the video at 0:17 :D

Are those custom textures or is it some Youtube quality thing?

Spike am 15.11.2015 18:33 #13842

Im Ruhestand

Nope, it's a custom texture by merri (only known texture with flowing lava)


Sintho am 15.11.2015 20:15 #13843

Cool, i'll definitly try them out! Thanks!

CrazyL am 17.11.2015 09:43 #13846

If you like a very lush green texture, also try out "tex5.lbm" of the unofficial german fan patch 1.52. If you want just the texture, install the patch to a new directory. There you'll find
Replace "tex5.lbm" of your RTTR-installation with that file (you find it at the same location) et voilà, you're done! Both textures are great, though you won't get flowing lava with the old german texture file...

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Elritzo am 23.12.2015 18:07 #13914

Very nice, are there already maps with these textures? Like to play them!

Spike am 25.12.2015 19:09 #13920

Im Ruhestand
Well, I was working on such a map for a single player mission - maybe if you have an idea ;)