~Gast am 13.12.2015 13:22 #13895

The AI could be improved easily by building 3-4 saw mills during the beginning of the game. :-)

Spike am 13.12.2015 21:52 #13896

Im Ruhestand
But not if you play with low or very low goods ;)


PoC am 13.12.2015 22:24 #13897

I agree in special cases: when playing with high starting resources on large, wide open maps with lots of plant & building space and more than enough stones to gather and with some trees close to the starting location the ai would benefit greatly from building more sawmills at the start.

Spike am 14.12.2015 15:10 #13899

Im Ruhestand
Yeah, but he is also right, currently the AI isn't able to build a working wood production.


~Gast am 14.12.2015 20:29 #13901

Well, no idea what's the right build order in terms of pro-gaming, but the AI is running out of wood really soon. That's surely not the way you guys would be playing ... other than that the AI is quite challenging :-)

Fingolfin am 17.12.2015 12:12 #13905

I agree with the suggestion of improving the wood production chain, and also I would add more/better solders to protect headquarters and harbours. It is common, that a strong, developed settlement loses its main building, only because it happens to be to close to boarders. Maybe it should be always 10% of country's military power, or dynamic algorithm depending on the situation.

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