Cheeraz am 16.12.2015 18:31 #13903

Hey, i've just installed S2RttR after long time afk and it's lagging as hell. On singleplayer game it's
about 2/3 fps MAX, donno why but i have ping about 2k or something. I have win 7 and not-so-bad pc (dual
core processor, 2gb ram...).

Second thing is i can't run game in fullscreen even i choose it in menu option comes again to "window".

Any solutions?

Spike am 17.12.2015 06:24 #13904

Im Ruhestand
Install the latest video driver, that 2-3Fps problem is caused by a broken OpenGL driver (if I remember correctly).
Maybe it solves your second problem as well.

Hopefully this works for you :)


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FloSoft am 17.12.2015 17:38 #13906


yes you have to install the newest (proprietary) graphic card driver, the windows stock driver dont has hardware acceleration for opengl. should fix your second problem too


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~Gast am 30.12.2015 19:52 #13943

Just tried to dl latest system, but it's running VERY slow.   Too slow to

Note comments about video drivers, but update process says my drivers are
latest.   Might problem be anything else?

I'm using XP Pro, 2.4 Ghz pc.   Never had any problem with BB S2 system, on
older machine.

Geoff Barnard

GeoffB17 am 30.12.2015 20:15 #13944

Further to above, now that registration is better...

My screen shows 3 fps, as per earlier comment.   Mouse pointer almost

I've tried driver update.

My machine has a NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX 440 with AGR8x (?), but cannot trace
that on Nvidia web site.   Other update options either insist on downloading
some sort of 'auto' maintain system - which I do not want - on a Nvidia
system insists I need some new Java, then complains that browser won't like.  
Can't find JUST a new driver (components, I note that PC has two NV4*.*
modules installed).

Did get to 'see' the Babylonian building, not seen them before in the game.  
Vikings were always my favourites.

FloSoft am 30.12.2015 20:39 #13945


if you have only 3fps, its definitly the driver of your card (or the very old card / pc !)

do you have

installed? that seems to be the latest for the geforce 4 mx 440.


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GeoffB17 am 30.12.2015 23:54 #13946



I'd been into the Nvidia pages, and looked at various things, but I'd not
found that partic bit, and if I'd seen it, I'd not appreciated that it was
what I was looking for.

Anyway, I've downloaded that, and run the install etc, and WHAT A

I'm now getting 116/117 fps, mouse is now totally functional, system seems
to be working as I would have expected (as in, used to from all my previous
playing with S2, and as in the version of RttR I got a couple of years ago).

So, a MASSIVE THANK YOU for that.

Best Wishes.

Geoff Barnard, Guisborough, England

FloSoft am 31.12.2015 11:07 #13947

yeah finding old drivers sometimes a bit tricky on the websites directly.

I just googled "nvidia driver geforce 4 mx 440" and voila :-)

Glad that it worked then.

You can also try turning VBO on (or off) and test if you get (some) more fps then.


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