~Gast am 10.01.2016 03:12 #13967

I'm trying to get some friends to play Settlers for first time, but I think that in RTTR the AI is way too aggressive. As soon as it
discovers you, it looks like it sends everything it has. Is there a way to set difficulty settings for it? Is it planned?

Flamefire am 10.01.2016 10:39 #13968

You have already AI levels. The easy AI is not to hard (slower, less frequent attacks) although there is no way (currently) to make them NOT attack you on sight.


DMM am 10.01.2016 11:25 #13969

You can select 3 levels of difficulties for AI (easy, medium and hard).
When you see enemy you should have good military strength on a border. It means enough of fortresses for example. Then enemy will not attack you. This is my experience.

I am ready to play with you if you want.
The best time for me is evening usually about 19:00.

Martin (DMM)
It is never too late to start play RttR!

~Gast am 10.01.2016 16:36 #13972

Sorry for being so n00bish, but I'm not able to find where can I set the AI difficulty level. I'm using the lastest stable version,
0.8.1. Is it possible that it is only available in newer versions? If so, could you tell me a fairly stable nightly build with that

If it's already in 0.8.1, where can I find the setting?

DMM am 10.01.2016 17:57 #13974     here you can download suitable version.

Martin (DMM)
It is never too late to start play RttR!

~Gast am 16.01.2016 14:26 #13980

Found and working, thank you so much!

Davisfit am 23.08.2016 14:05 #14385

I get Access denied?

Flamefire am 23.08.2016 15:50 #14386

Downloads (see left side in the navigation)


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