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I'm new. Perhaps it has already appeared this topic in a forum, but I couldn't find it. Are you thought about other units to fight in the Settlers? This is my conception of new unit "Cavalry".

I. Cavalry

General info:
1. New units to fight: „Cavalry”
2. Sources: 1 soldier + 1 horse + 1 horseshoe
3. Place of conversion: HQ, store, harbor

1. Cavalry is faster than infantry two times, for example: infantry speed=1; cavalary speed=2.
2. Cavalry have more hit points than infantry [+3], for example: infantry sergeant has 5 hit points, but calavary sergenat has 8 hit points.

New buildings:
1. Stable:
- settler: Horse Breeder [worker]
- tool: -
- sources: wheat + water
- produces: horse (1 wheat  + 1 water = 1 horse)
- type: big [castle]

After produce one horse, it goes to the nearest store/harbor or HQ.

2. Smithy
- settler: blacksmith
- tool: hammer
- sources: iron
- produces: horseshoe (1 iron = 1 horseshoe)
- type: medium

This modification needs changes for military and economic options of course.
If my idea sounds good, I can write more information about this.

Sorry for my english, it's not excellent ;)

Spike am 30.03.2016 17:28 #14102

Im Ruhestand
Just some calc (maybe wrong)

I guess a horseshoe = 1 iron + 1 coal - so it's 1/2 cost soldier.
Means 2x horseshoe = 1 soldier.
=> 1 soldier 3 HP
=> 2 cavalry 6 HP
But 1 soldier + 1 Gold = 7 HP.

Means if a map has gold > iron, cavalry would be expensive. If the map has less gold than iron I would build cavalry.

Also it might be a tactical point, 10 attacking calary would kill 10 defending generals which nearly forces you to build cavalry.
I'd prefer adding horses but giving +1 hp to any soldier. That might make it worth building this but not op in most situations.
Just some thought I've got.


Gajdzik00 am 30.03.2016 19:31 #14103

This is also topic to discuss.

Let's look at it this way:

1 soldier cost:
a) sword:
- iron (iron ore + coal) + coal
b) shield
- iron (iron ore + coal) + coal
c) beer (wheat + water)

base resources:
4 x coal
2 x iron ore
1 x wheat
1 x water

1 cavalary cost:
a) sword:
- iron (iron ore + coal) + coal
b) shield
- iron (iron ore + coal) + coal
c) beer (wheat + water)
d) horseshoe:
- iron (iron ore + coal) + coal

base resources:
6 x coal
3 x iron ore

1 x wheat
1 x water

Cavalry is expensive than infantry about 2 coals and 1 iron ore... and much of time of course :)

1. Infantry
Infantry Private: 3 HP
Infantry Private first class: 4 HP
Infantry Sergeant 5 HP
Infantry Officer 6HP
Infantry General 7 HP

2. Calavary (in your suggestion)
Calavary Private: 4 HP
Calavary Private first class: 5HP
Calavary Sergeant 6 HP
Calavary Officer 7 HP
Calavary General 8 HP

1. I agree with you, if map has more iron ore than gold, better build cavalry.
2. Enemies fortress is faraway than opponent storehouse/HQ. You might as first send infantry. If you don't kill everyone, you can send cavalry to fast attack, which kill rest of them (Calvary speed x2) before soldiers arrive to the castle.
3. Cavalry also quickly arrive to your military buildings.
4. Probably there will be more strategy.

We can also use horses to other roles...
What do you think about scout on horse? Then player can quickly penetrate the nearest area.

~Gast am 31.03.2016 03:22 #14104

I'd say let em finish the Babylonians first before worrying about anything like that.
They still lack their proper soldiers despite the fact that graphics exist. I don't know why they weren't implemented by now.

Spike am 31.03.2016 07:22 #14105

Im Ruhestand
Sorry for OT: They aren't implemented because they don't exist. Privates are done but all other ranks are missing. Gonna
finish the charburner rework first, then continue the soldier animations.

Topic: Sounds like you never player that much multiplayer but my experience is, that movement speed = useless. You may
ask why, well in normal multiplayer you have storehouses which only have one purpose: storing soldiers at the front so
walking does only take some road segments. Also it's the ratio attacker:defender is important, well most important. So if
horses give an extended attack range that would be a good thing as you can have more attackers with the same amount of
military space.

So just saying, speed isn't any usefull stat in most cases.


CrazyL am 01.04.2016 14:20 #14106

I don't play multiplayer either, but the "storehouse strategy" helps against the KI as well -- it's generally a good idea.

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Feel free to post in English!

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