~Gast am 17.04.2016 15:14 #14128

Dear all,

I play a map names "Zeitlos". I try to find out a place where I can build harbour, be able to move out to next island and somehow start to fight with others. But, seems no chance to build up anywhere.
May I know how I can get into island without harbour?

I try to build shipyard and set to build a ship. When I set to boats, works properly. When switch to ships, not works.

Can someone help me with this issue?

Thanks a lot

Flamefire am 17.04.2016 16:26 #14129

You need to enable seafaring in the addons


~Gast am 17.04.2016 20:27 #14130

Sorry, I am probably stupid, but I cannot find out "seafarring" in addons.
Can you be bit more accurate?


~Gast am 17.04.2016 21:07 #14131

I checked the addons and setting, no anything seems like option to get harbour works.
Please, can you explane in detail how to turn on?
Of course, the second question is whether I can turn on while I playing the game, instead of from new game only.

Spike am 17.04.2016 22:23 #14132

Im Ruhestand
It's a "bugged" (well bad designed) map.

You did everything right, the map doesn't allow any harbors - no idea why anybody did this map.

I once listed this map as "we should delete it" as it's not worthy to "fix" the map.


~Gast am 18.04.2016 01:14 #14133

At least an answer - thanks "Spike" :)
Finaly, it's time to start new game.

Reasonable question - is there any similiar map that I can beware?
I want to play regularly now :)

Spike am 18.04.2016 06:45 #14134

Im Ruhestand
Any map in the "Sea" category works fine. (Maybe exzeptionell Landung 3 with AI)


Flamefire am 18.04.2016 18:01 #14135

@Spike: If this map ain't playable, just delete it in the repo :)


~Gast am 18.04.2016 20:52 #14136

Mean that the maps in other caregories not working properly?
I will definitely select the map I like to play which will have the same problem - thats my luck!

Spike am 19.04.2016 17:20 #14137

Im Ruhestand
Well, as far as I remember none of the sea maps in the category 'other' works. Most maps without islands will work but:
- Bad height design
- Bad Texture design
- Imbalanced (Player 1 has mostly gold but other players don't)

I try to create new maps every 2-6 months but they are multiplayer focused.
All RttR/Sea Maps work fine, Old/New Bluebyte maps are also good but imbalanced and campaign maps are quite bad as
the original scripts are missing.

Gonna ask Flamefire how to delete 'bad' maps, that way the directory will include less ultra bad maps ;)


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