aidevn am 03.05.2016 14:38 #14150

I done some new features to the game. When playing in game, there are one of the thing, that i woold like to have. I added
auto train feature and icon to enable or disable training in military building. Also i have implemetns some improvements on AI with
more better buildings counting and
metalworking on mods that allows inexhaustible resources. An now i having a point of realizing to continue modifications or not.

FloSoft am 03.05.2016 20:59 #14151


you can send in Pull-Requests on Github, if we think the changes are made good enough to integrate, we will do it.

So: of course you can continue modifications


aidevn am 04.05.2016 20:57 #14153

ok, nice. I created a fork of github repository and made some auto train commits. Maybe this thread dont needed, because communication
through github better for developers.

FloSoft am 08.05.2016 17:17 #14154

just for having complete threads:

Feel free to create PRs soon as you think a feature is ready


Flamefire am 08.05.2016 18:14 #14155

Yes PRs are welcome. Just make sure they are self-contained (fully working) and only add 1 feature per PR (use multiple branches for this) so features can be discussed and enhanced where required.
Also note that we can only use C++98. I've seen ".cbegin()" in your code. This does not exist yet (CI in the PR will fail, so you see this). Assigning a ".begin()" to a "const_iterator" is ok.


aidevn am 15.05.2016 02:12 #14158

Ok, I have a lot of work on primary workplace. And i have tested enough playing with ai on large maps with inexhaustible resources. I
used auto train feature on 2 fortresses having 8-10 generals(coin and soldier) rate per production cycle. To accept PR maybe feature
requires to be as military addon. And i think needed some new icon for this feature in the military building and i dont working on
graphics and design.
I have questions about minimal C++ standard and boost versions. Oh, C++98. I have a lot of C++11 features in the code. Is it possible
to enhance C++ standard to C++11 as maximum in near future?

Feel free to post in English!

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