~Gast am 22.05.2016 11:52 #14163

Greetings Settlingers,

i do have a little problem with the seafaring system: Every time i manage to build a harbour somewhere, an enemy comes along and destroys it before i managed to ship troops to the harbour or build a military building. Makes my beloved seafaring a bit annoying...

Maybe it would be good to ship some troops with the expedition ships, so that newly build harbours are a bit more secured from enemy attacks.

What do you think?

Best regards


Flamefire am 22.05.2016 16:31 #14164

I guess you are talking about the AI attacking you? I think this is something jh might want to fix: Make sure the AI attacks only harbors it can actually see, which I think is the problem here.


jh am 22.05.2016 22:44 #14165

No, it does not attack hidden harbors. But I'm guessing you are playing with a fully visible map?

Regarding your idea: But where should the soldiers go while the harbor building is being built? Wander around? That would not really fit into the game.

Spike am 22.05.2016 23:11 #14166

Im Ruhestand
Yep, this problem happens with explored maps. You can ship soldiers faster if the distance to the harbor is shorter than the distance
for any enemy. (See my video: force shipping).

If this bug appears with non explored map setting, it's an editors fault because sometimes the route for ships is close to a harbor so
that spot it which enables a player to attack.

I still think the best way to solve this problem is by enabling a player to "attack" a friendly harbor, shipping soldiers to that


~SchZs am 01.07.2016 12:14 #14198

The workaround for that is simple, and is tactical:
1. Let the enemy build the harbour, and do not attack, until there are some military buildings around
2. Start an expedition and let it wait at the nearest available spot
3. Attack and destroy the harbour
4. Send your expedition to the site, but don't build yet.
5. Once it doesn't block anymore, capture the nearby military buildings with enough forces to fill them
6. Build the harbour
7. As soon as the harbour is ready, send the soldiers in from the surrounding buildings, or if you don't
have the option enabled, destroy some of them.

Feel free to post in English!

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