~GanjaMaster am 23.05.2016 14:28 #14167

Hello everyone. Last time i was played with my friend and we've got a little problem. We couldn't form an alliance or non-aggression
pact between us. I know there is possibility to set teams on start but we want play with more friends and form alliances in game. Any
suggestions? We play on 20160508 build.

Spike am 23.05.2016 15:59 #14168

Im Ruhestand
Maybe "lock teams" is enabled.

Can you send requests or are those buttons disabled / you get a message?
Can you send requests but your friend doesn't get a letter?
Are you sure you aren't teamed up but share vision is disabled?


~GanjaMaster am 23.05.2016 16:05 #14169

I can get messagges and he can get messagges with alliance. Lock teams is disabled. When we was on start in alliance we can break
alliance but we cant make the new one.

~GanjaMaster am 23.05.2016 16:06 #14170

It looks like the accept and cancel button didn't responding mouse click. The sound of click and clicking animation works but there is
no reaction.

~GanjaMaster am 23.05.2016 21:04 #14171

It is propably bug in night version because on stable version everything works fine. But there is not much options and of course
Babylonians in stable version. Tomorrow i can drop some screenshots or even video about that.

Spike am 24.05.2016 07:08 #14172

Im Ruhestand
Please create a bug report here:

Attach replays and savegames (not videos/screenshots).


Feel free to post in English!

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