~Gast am 27.05.2016 18:23 #14173

Hey guys,

how is it possible to transport settlers over a river? The boatsman only transport materials I think.

I cant interact with the other AIs,because my shipyard dont build ships and I cant build a habour somewhere

Spike am 27.05.2016 18:51 #14174

Im Ruhestand
It's not possible.

If the map doesn't allow seafaring you can't pass water (unless the mapper used buildable water).

What map are you playing on?


~Gast am 27.05.2016 19:06 #14175

Thank you for your fast response :)

It is called "Blutlava" from Leander Leitner in the category "Andere"
There are 4 Islands and I started on the left one

Was it not possible to transport settlers in the original Settlers 2? In The Settlers 2: Next generation it was.

r4m53s am 27.05.2016 19:08 #14176

I logged in with my Account

would it be easy to creat an Add-On for this? Today I played with a friend online and we had some problems not crossing the river also.

Spike am 29.05.2016 02:31 #14177

Im Ruhestand
Checked the map, you don't need ships or anything. There is always one spot where you can pass those rivers.

Yes it would, well, maybe not programming it but graphics... any settlertype needs it's own graphic for each direction. Well maybe one
could use just a normal serf as it doesn't really matter for the animation or anything. It is already noted in the bugtracker.


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