Snowwie am 29.05.2016 18:58 #14179

I have made a map with the Xaser map editor.

I saved the map in the worlds directory named "surrounded.swd".

Because it's a "Sea" map I copied this file to the RTTR/Maps/SEA map.

In RTTR (ingame) the map does not show up.

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with it? I placed all players, added resources where necessary etc.

Link to file:

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Spike am 29.05.2016 19:28 #14180

Im Ruhestand
A maximum of 8 players is supported, 9 players aren't supported.


Snowwie am 29.05.2016 19:33 #14181

I could have known that...arggg.

Ehmmmm, how to I remove 1 player in the editor?

edit found it: Left Shift hold + Left mouse button.

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