~Suxoko am 18.07.2016 17:53 #14203

Hello i opened the port shutdown the firewall. Created the account so did my friend. And we still cant

Spike am 18.07.2016 20:49 #14204

Im Ruhestand
To the lobby?
To a server you opened?
What revision?


~Suxoko am 19.07.2016 19:11 #14208

To the server  19bf011 windows x86_64

Spike am 20.07.2016 08:59 #14210

Im Ruhestand
If you have some spare time later, could you join our irc Channel / join the Internet Lobby and ask for me (spikeone)? I will
open a server, if you can join its a settings problem, if you can't it might be a bug.


Feel free to post in English!

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