~Gast am 30.07.2016 17:56 #14245

Hey guys!

I really like your work and the game seems to be way more stable than a year ago. But somehow, the AI become
much less challenging. Especially on large maps the AI seems to build no economy anywhere further away from
the head quater.

Is there any chance to update the AI anytime soon? According to the changelog there's still active
development ongoing :-) .

Keep up the great work!

~Gast am 30.07.2016 17:58 #14246

Just a note: using the "j" function to jump to a later frame is very useful to figure out weaknesses of the
AI players. It seems to spread very fast, but doesn't make any use of the land.

~Gast am 30.07.2016 19:31 #14247

Wow, just found the "Map Generator" on the website. I was wondering if the tool is to be extended in the future? Also, is it open-source?

Donkey am 14.08.2016 15:18 #14356

Can confirm, AI is really bad at the moment.
I don't see a reason to limit buildings (e.g. 8 farms), when theres plenty of space everywhere.

A better way could be to build farms whenever possible and to increase the number of other buildings depending on the crop production.
In addition to that, they should only use foresters when there are no more trees around (At the moment, the AI has problems to expand
into areas with lots of trees).

No idea, if thats hard to change, but it's not a whole lot of fun to play vs bots these days :(

Edit: Just noticed: when playing with more starting ressources, the AI is building more farms. So my guess is, their metal worker isnt
working properly.


Editiert von Donkey am 14.08.2016 15:23

~Gast am 14.08.2016 15:51 #14357

Hey Donkey, I also noticed that the metalworks seems to produce mostly (if not only) saws, axis and picks. Maybe an easy fix for the AI would be to change the
distribution of tool production.

Feel free to post in English!

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