~Gast am 08.09.2016 04:40 #14393

Hi everyone, to start please, answer me in english, i don't speak German and my english is not good( i speak portuguese, i live in

1- I did my register like half hour ago, and still don't receive my confirmation e-mail not even i am able to do my login, so what i
do next? Just wait?

2- When i try to download the MapEditor from , and i am  "un able" to do it from the website(
is like a lot of propaganda covering it, i also saw the video from spike on youtube and the problem is there on the website), so
anyone have other website or can send it to my e-mail, or put it here to i download it?

Spike am 08.09.2016 06:35 #14394

Im Ruhestand
Hello and welcome,

1) Sadly this seems to happen quite often. You can either write a PM to Flosoft (I guess thats not possible without account) or just
create an other account (never heard that the registration mail is sent later) or open a bug in our bugtracker. Sadly thats something I
can't help with at all.

2) You are right, the link is down as xaser seems to not own the domain anymore :-/ luckily I still have the files and just uploaded it


FloSoft am 08.09.2016 12:58 #14396


1) please send me an email coming from the mail address you registered with, then I can unlock you manually.
   Also please check if the email's not in your spam folder of your mail account, it seems sometimes those registration  
   emails get dropped there.


Feel free to post in English!

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