Set am 10.09.2016 01:59 #14399

Hi people,
Here just some doubts about the game, i think i am a experience player, i like to play bigger maps.

1- so as the title say, i win the AI, in all my games, i even try to put in hard like the addon but i still win, in just a few maps
like "toe to toe" and "the gatering" i pass for "bad moments", but in the end i still win, so anyone know a map, that is morde hard
to beat the AI, or can play a multiplayer if me? Ps UTC -3H, I live in Brazil, speak a medium english...

2- In some big maps like World, the AI, stops "growing" and stops making ships even with boards, as same as some tools(and AI do just
the same tools that it doesn't need). Even stone looks like is missing, but i see that AI have means of gather stone, as with a
quarry," with stone to quarry nearby"), so whats is wrong? The AI is doing to me beat it, is a bug, problem is normal, whats is it?
Is there any way I change it?

3- How I can reduce the ping, and play more time on the biggest maps?

4- Is there any way to change the starting materials(not there in menu in pre-game)? Like, in much materis i start with 102 soldiers,
but for a spcefic map, i want that everbody stars with 204 soldiers and some more modify materias, so how can i do it?(Can be a
sugestion to)

For now is just it, remember, i don't speak German.. :(

Flamefire am 11.09.2016 21:38 #14401

1&2- If you know some C++ or have friends who do, you can improve the AI. As jh noticed it has currently bug due to someone abused the resource maps it uses so the AI might have problems finding resources. So this needs a fix.
Also there might be other enhancements possible so the AI gets stronger.

3- Which size is "biggest" map for you? If you can, post a savegame here from a point where it is unplayable for you and we might find something to improve this.
4- You can use the general quantities (low, medium, high,...) For more fine control you can use lua scripts to change aspects like this. See the wiki on Github.


Set am 12.09.2016 02:18 #14403

1e2 -  Ok i can try in my free time to do it, but how i can exactly help with the AI(Programs and file, i know some people thats
knows C++)? The C i had learn much time ago, but i forgot... hahahah I learned how to create a file C++ just a few hours ago...

3- How can i put the file here? I tried hold and drag, but not work, it is a file with 30000 KB! the GF is near of 800 000( 8x10^5),
with 8 players...

4- Can you give me more information about it? What program is used to read lua scrits, or change then?

luk3Z am 26.07.2017 08:23 #14592

I noticed that AI have problem with building too many military buildings with 1 soldier inside in later game.
I played with hard AI and maps 256x256 & 320x320.

Spike am 30.07.2017 11:06 #14597

Im Ruhestand
Isn't the main problem then that the AI doesn't produce a lot of soldiers? I mean at the end you only have 1 soldier buildings (when
you lost the border fight and got no generals left)


luk3Z am 31.07.2017 15:30 #14600

I mean this looks like a bug or it's just new hard AI which I didn't play with it before. AI build to many Forts & Watchtowers too close so it's looks weird.
For example AI build 5-20 forts & Watchtowers one by one and have only 1 soldier inside because it build too many military buildings. I didn't see this behavior before. (Played on random map generator form this site)

Currently I play on random map from in-game generator (256x256) with medium AI & it's behavior looks like more 'normal/original'.

Spike am 02.08.2017 11:45 #14605

Im Ruhestand
You may have a savegame / replay? Maybe it was usefull to build so many forts - if the AI had more soliders.


Feel free to post in English!

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