Gard am 01.10.2016 15:42 #14425

Hi, I would like to propose a modification which allows to vary the amount of specific commodities in the main building, it means that the founder of the game can indicate directly the numerical value of what will separate each player after the game starts in the main building.

for example Player1 - 412 soldiers, player2 - 100 gold Nugget etc.

have a nice rest of the day *Gard

Spike am 01.10.2016 20:13 #14426

Im Ruhestand
What about a handycap which is just a factor to the default values?

Currently you can already change those wares with a lua script (as those are most likely map dependant, thats quite okay, isn't it?)


~Gast am 02.10.2016 13:32 #14427

You mean those preferences: very low, low, very, very much?

To me, it is key to solve the rapid progress in the game, including less dependence on the extraction of raw materials at the beginning of the game

Options: little, a lot, a lot, do not have exact specifications for setting specific materials in a specific number

I mean the detailed editor


Spike am 02.10.2016 16:24 #14428

Im Ruhestand
And then everyplayer should get the same amount? Means if I add 100 generals, everbody should get them or only a specific player?

Is it always map dependant or is it map independant?


Gard am 02.10.2016 19:45 #14429

Only a specific player

Settlerss Chapter 2 campaign has also favored opponents for each other

Another use is in the fact that the founder of the game may favor a weaker player is either greater sum of material etc.


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